TOP OF THE TOWN –Let me get ties straight: To protect yourself and those around you, health experts say wear a mask and practice social distancing (at least six feet). So just based on that, I would say don’t gather in a crowd, avoid hugging and shaking hands. So logically, you shouldn’t play a sport, say, like football where it’s imperative to huddle, to line up closer than six feet and to not just touch each other, but slam into each other. And unless those same health experts can figure out how football players could not sweat on each other, spew saliva on each other and generally make a mess of all the health guidelines for this virus, I would suggest, as well as health experts, that you don’t play football. So, of course, the NFL is going to go ahead and play the sport. Makes sense to …. who?  Then these football players are going to go home and kiss their wives, hug their kids and great their parents and grandparents, and everything is going to be hunky-dory? These same football players will need to travel on planes, buses to different states, different cities, so no problem, right? Wrong. Playing football makes about as much sense as spear catching. The NBA is creating a bubble to protect its players, coaches and staff, but one misstep and the virus will sweep through those teams like Elgin Baylor on a fastbreak. Major League Baseball might get away with it. But I will have to see it to believe it. It is my opinion that all these sports should be shuttered until an effective vaccine is developed or the virus, on cue, just magically disappears as someone in high office has suggested it will many times. This is suicidal to have sports. That goes for high school sports, also. I understand why these pro teams are going to try. It’s all about money from TV and radio contracts. Money, of course, rules the world. So all these billionaire owners went their money. The players do, too. But at what risk? The Billionaires don’t have to get up close and personal, but the players do. Russell Wilson’s wife is pregnant. Does he really want to come home to his wife after playing a football game and risk his wife and unborn child? I guess he does. I wouldn’t. Which reminds me, I saw Texas Republican representative Chip Roy on CNN this morning defending back to school decisions and raking Dr. Fauci over the coals and I was chilled to the bone watching him misrepresent, lie and distort facts and attack as many Democrats as his little brain could think of, including Nancy Pelosi, especially Nancy Pelosi, who had nothing to do with the discussion other than, well, other than the Republicans like to attack her because, well, because they just like to line up behind Trump and do as he does, and attack her. Bottom line, his thought process was as stupid as the decision to play sports, especially football, in the midst of a pandemic. What have become of us? Why can’t we see what needs to be done to protect the lives of our citizens? All the divisive stuff that Trump throws out there has really had a profound negatively effect on many among our population, and when I see how damaging it is to the America that once was the greatest is hurtful. It is like a certain number of Americans have been hypnotized by Trump and can see nothing and believe nothing beyond what he tells them. Talk about chilling. Chip Roy should be the poster child for Trumpism. Look it up in the dictionary and there will be a picture of Roy next to the word. Wow. I think I’m in Nazi Germany when I see a guy like Roy. Trump is bringing fascism to America and Roy is a loyal soldier. Enough. I’m getting sick to my stomach thinking about this awful stuff.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day

You are loved.