TOP OF THE TOWN ‑  We humans are funny no matter what restrictions and laws and regulations we impose on ourselves, we always find the loopholes to get around them. So it is with the salary cap in NFL football. I’m sure somebody knows how it works, but I find it impossible to decode. But I do know that teams have found ways to get round the cap. They create false years in contracts so they can spread the cap limit out and give them breathing room. They restructure contracts to fit into the cap. I’m sure there are other ways to get around the cap, but as I said above it’s beyond my mental capacity. The New York Jets and Aaron Rodgers are busy fitting his gigantic contract into their cap. Rodgers’ contract is $150.815 million over three years. It includes a $40,8 million  signing bonus and its all guaranteed. It averages out to $50.271 million a year. I don’t have all the details, but the Jets and Rodgers have played around with the contract so Rodgers’ base salary for the coming season is $1.165 million and that is all that will count against the cap. Which means next year Rodgers’ contract will be $107.55 million. That is impossible to fit in the Jets’ cap, so that contract will likely be restructured sometime over the next months. These pro football contracts are a bunch of baloney (look at Geno Smith’s contract with the Seahawks) because most of them have non-guarantee money in some of the years, which mean they are worth as much as the paper they are printed on. I still don’t understand how some money in a contract goes against the cap and some don’t. The Seahawks, for example, will be about $10 million over the cap once they pay their draft picks, which is impossible to do. So the Seahawks have to do something so they don’t go over the cap, and I’ll be darn if I know how they do it, but because humans have to figure it out you can be sure it will get done. The just have to find the loopholes. … The NFL Draft starts today (April 27) and I don’t think Seahawks will choose Jalen Carter with the 5th pick. His off-field problems tell me the Seahawks will pass on him. If quarterback Anthony Richardson is still available I expect the Seahawks to pick him. The guy I would like to see in a Seahawk uniform is Will Anderson, an edge rusher that I think Houston will take himwith the second pick…. The Huskies are building a football monster, but so are other teams and as much as I would like to believe they are contenders for a national title there is enough questions still swirling around them that it’s difficult to think it will happen. For example, they were terrible on pass defense a year ago and I’m not convinced yet that problem has been solved. And remember the Huskies 11-2 record a year ago included a terrible 45-38 loss to a terrible Arizona State team, and close victories over California, Oregon State and Oregon in which they miraculously staged comebacks. So they easily could have been 8-5 and maybe even 7-6. So slow down, the Huskies will have to prove their worth, and that won’t be easy. That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

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