TOP OF THE TOWN – So two of the major power conferences – Big Ten and Pac-12 – get it and decide not to have fall football. Good for them. But the ACC, SEC and Big 12 conferences are still sticking with a fall schedule. Do you see what is going on here? The two conferences that can be considered northern are taking what I consider the proper course. The three conferences further south are charging full steam ahead. In political terms, it’s basically blue states shutting down and red states saying screw the virus we are playing football, which is almost a religion for most of their teams. I don’t know how God feels about this, but I suspect he’s praying hard for those southern conferences that they will come out alright. I fear they won’t. I can’t see how you can play football with so many players, especially young kids 18 to 22 generally, and expect them to curtail their activities away from the game and not contact the virus and bring it on the field with them. I think it’s stupid. But, of course, I know it’s all about money. College football is a money-making machine. On average, a power five conference school brings in over $30 million in football revenue during a season. That money helps fund non-revenue sports, and already we have seen some colleges, including Stanford, axe many of those programs. I would be surprised if those southern power conferences play football this fall. I just refused to believe they are that stupid. I may be wrong, though. Nebraska, which plays in the Big Ten, has announced it will play football this fall. The Cornhuskers are going to go rogue. I don’t know who it will play. That will be interesting to follow. … On a less serious note, it is likely that the baseball career of Daniel Vogelbach may be about set to end. At least it may end in Seattle. The 6-0, 270-pound Vogelbach, a well-liked guy in the clubhouse and with the media, just can’t seem to hit his weight. Or even close to his weight, which really may be more than 270. He was a good story while it lasted. But when you can’t catch up with a fastball right down the middle of the plate it may be time to find another career. And he’s never been a good defensive first baseman. Now that the Mariners have Evan White there, Vogy is expandable. White, though a rookie may be one of the best defensive first basemen in all of baseball. But he has to figure out how to hit. He was batting .104 at last report. That’s even worse than Vogelbach’s .119. … Did Wilt Chamberlain come back alive? Wow, Portland’s Damian Lillard went off for 51 points and then the next game scorched the nets with 61. It’s the third 60-plus game for Lillard. Only one other player had at least three 60-point games in a season. That other player was the guy I still insist is the greatest NBA player of all-time, Chamberlain. He hit the 60-plus mark nine times in the 1962-63 season and 15 the previous season. Chamberlain also scored 100 in a single game. Okay, enough for today.

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