TOP OF THE TOWN – I have to wonder about Earl Thomas. Just have to. Why is it he can play football at such a high level and not turn it off? His one finger salute to coach Pete Carroll, his wife allegedly pointing a gun at his head after she found him in bed with a different woman, and now being fired by the Baltimore Ravens for getting into a fight with a teammate over a busted defensive coverage that he admitted on a since deleted twitter message makes me think what the hell is going on with him? In nine years with the Seahawks he earned six Pro Bowls and was one of the most feared safeties in the NFL. But it appears he is also as feared off the field. All I know is that I wouldn’t want to play football against him, and I wouldn’t want to run across him off the field. My guess is he will land in Dallas, which is where he grew up. Maybe there he can settle down and just play football. I wouldn’t count on it, however. … The Mariners seem to be settling in and playing better baseball, although to be honest they are beating up on a team, Texas, that is even worse than they are. Kyle Lewis hit his seventh home run today (Sunday, Aug. 23) and is hitting well over .300 (.368 and third in all of baseball) and Evan White, whose bat was missing, has suddenly found it and has pounded the old cowhide well the past week. He drove in six runs on Saturday. The M’s pitching has improved, at least from the starters and the young team is not looking too bad. Maybe next year this team will be competitive enough to draw some extra attention. … I don’t like to watch the NBA during the regular season and I finally have figured out why. I can remember practicing for hours at a time when I was a young kid and became a fairly good shot.  But as I watch the NBA now it seems the game has become too easy for its players. Guys are hitting with considerable consistency fade away 25-footers, and making them look easy. Chris Paul yesterday drove the baseline, and reached out over his head and flipped a no-look shot up that almost went in. He didn’t do it to miss. He figured he could make it, and almost did. Tall and small guys drive in and dunk the ball like a balled up sock into an Oat Meal box hanging from a bedroom door (as mine was as a pre-teen when I could dunk pretty good and often, but never when I was in high school on a regular hoop). It’s gotten to the point with me that watching an NBA game is boring because it looks too easy. Balling should be difficult, just as life is. The NBA has guys playing now that I never heard of scoring in the 30s and making it look so easy that in a fantasy dream I think I could play. Nah, Mosher as good as you were as a kid you couldn’t be in an NBA game unless you c\would purchase a ticket. … I just now looked at the baseball standings for the first time. I covered baseball for the local paper for nearly 30 years and this is the first time in my memory I have not looked at the standings, and usually I have done it on a daily basis. But in these unusual days with the virus sweeping around us and a shortened baseball season I just have given up on it, I guess. So I just looked and to nobody’s surprise the Yankees are leading the American League and in a big surprise the usually lowly Padres are on top of the NL Standings.  What further shocks me is that Boston is at the bottom of the AL Standings. What the heck is wrong with the Red Sox? I didn’t know that former Mariner Nelson Cruz has 10 home runs and 26 RBI, fourth in all of baseball.  You realize, don’t you, that there are two players now hitting over the magic mark of .400. D.J. LeMathieu of the Yankees was hitting .411 and Charlie Backmon of the Rockies was at .402 as of Sunday (Aug.23). Me? I still hold the personal record of having struck out just two times in my life. I remember them both to this day. And it still make me mad. Ok, enough for today.

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