TOP OF THE TOWN ‑  The Presidential polls in recent days appear to be swinging to Biden, Unofficially, he now leads in the electoral college vote 360-178 with seven states too close to ball. five of them – Arizona (11 EC votes), Florida (29), Georgia (16), Iowa (6), North Carolina (15)  – worth 77 EC votes lean Biden, one – Texas – with 38 EC Votes leans Trump and one – Ohio – worth 18 EC Votes is tied. Candidate needs 270 EC votes to win. It’s pretty clear that Biden has a better path to election. But you can’t count your chickens before they hatch. If Trump, for example, takes Ohio he would be at 196, 74 votes from reelection. If he just lost Iowa, worth six ECs, he would be at 267 or three from reelection, giving Biden 271. I and many, many others are hoping for a landslide victory for Biden so Trump and Bullshit Barr and the Supreme Court will have a difficult time making a case that Biden should not be the victor. Put another way, it’s not over until the fat lady sings. I hope to hear her voice loud and clear on election night. I know a few people who will be dancing in the streets should Biden be declared the next President. This Presidential race has been bad for my health. My heart has gone into Afib and I’m scheduled to hopefully get it shocked back into normal rhythm three days after Election Day. I’m counting on not having my heart further shocked on Election Day. I pray God blesses us with the ouster of Donald J. Trump as a wannabe dictator on Nov. 3.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.