TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ Stay calm, stay in peace, light and love.  We shall overcome. You will see in the remaining 71 days of the current administration that it will flail around bouncing off the White House walls. The sociopath that is the President will fire anybody who has ever disagreed with him. He’s already started, firing defense secretary Mike Esper. FBI director Christopher Wray is next and then comes CIA director Gina Haspel. The firing will continue on as Trump The Terrible lines up his tomato cans and fires away, picking them off one after the other. Lawsuits will fly and Bullshit Barr will be in charge of dropping bombs wherever he sees a chance to create chaos. I liken what we will see in these 71 days as gold miners in the Yukon finding a fleck of gold, rushing into town and in excitement drink up the bar. Then they awake the next morning with a huge hangover, blurry eyes and realize they have nothing. So stay calm as the whale flounders abound crashing into the walls and accusing everybody else for the lack of water to swim away. Some Republican lawmakers are already expressing in private their congratulations to Joe Biden for his election as the President. They are just too afraid to express it in public. Not yet. They know the sociopath in the White House will slam everybody and their mothers for his loss, so they are staying out of his way until it finally sinks in, as it will, that he really has lost. He won’t admit the defeat. He will find an excuse, insisting he really won despite all the evidence. Then he will pack up his golden throne and leave. So go about your business. Don’t give him a second thought. It will be over soon enough. Even chickens without their heads run amuck for a bit before they give up. The Orange Man has sucked most of the life out of our democracy. He didn’t get it all, and he will take it down some more before he leaves, but he will leave and our democracy will go on a respirator, receive new blood by transfusion and Joe Biden will take charge and fresh and strong breath will spark our democracy back to life. We, the people, have won and for that you can thank God. Light will shine once again on America and the beacon of hope will welcome those who are looking for a better life. Peace and love to you all.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.