TOP OF THE TOWN – The Russell Wilson saga won’t die. It’s still being talked about on social media platforms and among sports shock jocks on TV and radio. Now the rumor is that at least 10 teams have inquired about Wilson’s availability. The rumor is that it would take at least 3 first round draft picks before the Seahawks would seriously consider trading Wilson. This all started when Wilson, normally a very positive person, complained about getting hit too much (a league-high 394 sacks in nine years) and demanded the team provide better pass protection from the offensive line. Those comments set off a bleep-storm and had led to speculation the Seahawks might be persuaded to trace him. There may be some truth to that. Normally, a team that has a star QB would be quick to deny their signal-caller was going to be traded. Can you imagine, for example, the Green Bay Packers trading Aaron Rodgers? Nah isn’t going to happen. In fact, the Packers just said that he wouldn’t be in response to a stupid question. Coach Matt LaFleur laughed when announcing it. Rodgers is not going anywhere. But what about Russell Wilson? I wrote earlier that Wilson is not going anywhere. Now, though, I don’t know. The Seahawks have been quiet since Wilson spoke. They have not stepped up like LaFleur and stopped the nonsense from swirling about among sports shock jocks and the rest of us in the media. Pete Carroll’s silence is deafening. So what gives? Are the Seahawks really tired of Wilson? It does give you pause that nothing has been said. Would they trade Wilson to, say, Jacksonville for the Jaguars No. 1 draft pick this year, which is expected to be Trevor Lawrence of Clemson? That would be something, wouldn’t it? It would free up a lot of cap money and give the Seahawks a good chance to build on its offensive line and add another dynamite receiver. They also could resign K.J. Wright, which seems impossible as it now stands. So is something like that brewing beneath the surface?  Never count the Seahawks out for doing the unexpected…. I was discussing with a brother this weekend the possibilities in the college basketball season and what that means for March Madness. I watched the Michigan-Ohio State game and, man, was I impressed with both of them. We get brainwashed a bit watching Gonzaga out here in the Left Coast pummel West Coast Conference opponents to an undefeated year and think there is nobody in the country that can match up to the Zags. Wrong, garlic breath. As good as the Zags are this year – they have beaten West Virginia, Virginia, Auburn and Kansas – while averaging over 90 points a game they are beatable. I’m not saying they will be beaten, but that there are some good teams out there like Michigan and Ohio State and unbeaten Baylor and Illinois, which I feel has the best big-man in Kofi Cockburn, a 6-10, 290-pound sophomore from Kingston, Jamaica. Iowa is good with 6-11 center Luke Garza. Alabama is a threat as is West Virginia, which lost by 5 points to Gonzaga. Three teams being overlooked are Brigham Young, Missouri and USC. Brigham Young lost twice to Gonzaga, but, boy, do they play together well. Missouri is well-coached by former California coach Cuonzo Martin and USC has the tallest team in the country (the Trojans average just over 6-foot-7), including brothers Evan Mobley, a 7-0 freshman, and 6-10 Isaiah Mobley, a sophomore. Evan is averaging a team high 16.8 points and 8.7 rebounds. The blue bloods of college basketball – Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State and Kansas – are all having down years. Okay, that is enough for today.

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