TOP OF THE TOWN – As I have written more than a few times, social media is going to kill us off. Nefarious actors more powerful than you or me can use it for devious means, if they wish. That goes for countries (Russia) or former Presidents (45). It doesn’t take much. Just a keyboard and access to the Internet and a social platform and, bingo, you can convert minds or upset minds. If Twitter had cut off 45 years ago he would not have become President. I don’t have to tell you how 45 did it. You know. Beyond making the impossible possible, social media has the ability to separate families, friends and allies. It also has the opposite ability. But it is easier to stir up trouble than it is to maintain friendships. A lie can circulate throughout the globe in minutes and survive in the retelling to live an endless life. As social media becomes more and more powerful it also becomes more and more difficult to discover the truth because we become leery of anything that is written and we come to believe what we want to believe even if there are enough facts to disprove it. Rush Limbaugh, who died February 17, created many lies and distortions and pillaged many nationalities and personalities and ideas and yet his fame grew instead of subsiding. Throw away our keyboards and disconnect from the Internet and I guarantee that we will learn how to get along. That won’t happen. So as a result we will become more and more susceptible to those who want to do us harm. Another strongman will again rise and this time he, or she, will be better armed and more sophisticated to convince us to follow. That will end our long history of the most democratic country ever. … Quin Snyder, coach of the Utah Jazz, reportedly will coach the Western Conference in the NBA All-Star Game. I have a hard time believing Snyder is a NBA coach. I have always said that Rick Walker, who led East Bremerton to back-to-back state basketball championships in 1973-74, was the best high school player I have seen. But Snyder is right there. He led Mercer Island to the1985 state championship and was the first player from Washington to be named a McDonald’s All-American. He was amazing. He went on to play at Duke. Snyder is now 54. What is truly amazing is Walker is now 64. Wow, where did the time go. I’m still 39. …You know, there are two NFL quarterbacks that I don’t especially like. That would be Ben Roethlisberger, who on March 2, will be 39, and Carson Wentz. I have to qualify this because since both are in the NFL they are by all accounts really, really good QBs. But when I compare them to others in the league I think they come up short. Big Ben Roethlisberger is maybe the strongest QB to ever play the position in the league. He has a gun for an arm, but I just don’t like his personality or his leadership style. Same goes for Wentz. He doesn’t seem to command respect the way you would think a QB should. Big Ben gets away with some of that leadership shortage because he is so tough. Wentz also is not accurate with his throws. It isn’t fair probably to compare him to Tom Brady, but Brady is so smooth and accurate on most of his throws that it looks so simple, which it is not. Wentz and Big Ben both hold on to the ball too long (Seattle’s Russell Wilson is coming under fire for this also). Shock jocks on TV and Radio believe Wentz will be much better if playing behind a better offensive line (Wilson would agree with that), which is what he will have if traded to Indianapolis as rumored. I don’t buy it. He is what he is. You can’t make chicken steak out of chicken s..t. … It’s going to be interesting to watch Urban Meyer coach in the NFL with Jacksonville. His college coaching at Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State was remarkable (187-32 record) with two national championships at Florida (2006, 2008) and one at Ohio State (2014. I predict Meyer will be extremely successful. He’s a proven winner. But it will be interesting how he does it with the pros. Okay that is it for today. Stay Safe.

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