TOP OF THE TOWN – I was more than a little amused when Patrick Ewing ripped Madison Square Garden security for being stopped from entering without a credential. Ewing played for the New York Knicks from 1985-2000 and is now head coach of the Georgetown Hoyas that nipped favored Villanova 72-71 in the Big East Quarterfinals at the Garden  “I thought this was my building,” Ewing said following his team’s victory. “I feel terrible that I’m being stopped … asking for passes. Everyone in this building should know who the hell I am.” Patrick is right. He was the Knicks’ 7-foot star for all those years. But, you know, time marches on and times are a lot different now with people with evil intent killing innocent people in mob shootings, so I can understand how some young person wouldn’t know Patrick from a hole in the wall and would just be following security concerns. But I am amused because back when I was covering the Washington Huskies football team for the Kitsap Sun (then the Bremerton Sun) I had an opposite experience from Patrick. The U-dub had just installed a new security system that included giving each reporter covering the team color coded presses for their games. They also included several new security checkpoints at Husky Stadium. So this one Saturday I grabbed a press pass and headed to Seattle and Husky Stadium. I was in the press box high above the playing field at Husky Stadium when I got confronted by sports information director, the late Chuck Niemi (he died of Lou Gehrig’s disease). Niemi looked at my press pass hanging around my neck and correctly noted I had the wrong pass. I inadvertently picked up the wrong one when I left my house. Niemi said in exasperation, “How did you get in wearing that?” I replied, “Well, everybody knows me.”  “Mosher, Niemi said in frustration,” you just destroyed our new security system.” So, yes, security should have recognized Patrick Ewing, but I can see why he was stopped and also why he was very upset over it. But time does march on. New generations come and go and where once you may have become well-known there comes a time when you are not. It has happened to me. I used to be stopped and talked to just about everywhere I went locally. These days, though, I rarely get noticed. I’ve grown old and those that remember me are either gone or are living in some sunny land like Arizona. I kind of like not being known by many anymore. Privacy can be a good thing. Of course, I’m not 7-foot tall either. … I was listening to Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports I this morning and he said his reliable sources say the Chicago Bears are honing in on getting Russell Wilson in a trade. He mentioned the Bears may be offering five first-round draft picks for Wilson. The hold-up is the Seahawks need a quarterback in return. Cowherd mentioned that there is a possibility the Seahawks might be able to get Sam Darnold from the Jets and if they can Wilson could be gone to the Bears. I’m not entirely convinced of this, but I am becoming more and more convinced that Wilson will be gone soon somewhere. The silent from the Seahawks is deafening and very telling. I do think the damage done by Wilson opening up about the lack of protection from his offensive line is too much to overcome. You don’t slap down your teammates like that in public without consequences. There has to be some justice and I think it’s coming. Okay, that is enough. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

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You are loved.