Only idiots would vote for Trump



TOP OF THE TOWN – It’s sickening. You would have to be an idiot to vote for Donald Trump. There are a lot of idiots in this country. When a guy tells you what he will do if elected President, you should believe him, if you believe him than you are complicit in his design to be all-powerful, anti-democracy, anti-American. Trump is the worse human being on Earth. Yeah, he’s got competition for that in Putin, Hungary’s Viktor Orban and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un among others. In the end, though, Trump is the worse because he is activity working to crush all laws and traditions built nearly 250 years ago into a constitutional republic that is respected around the world for its commitment to freedom and equality for all. That is why thousands of immigrants are willing to march  hundreds of miles, suffering the torture of a long journey, to reach us. They come with the hope of a better life, free from hunger and fear they face every day in their homeland. Trump has promised to round up these migrants and put them in concentration camps or deport them back to their countries. He wants to build these camps all over the country, giving us the look of 1930s and 40s of Germany under the Nazis. His plans include firing thousands of civil servants and replacing them with people loyal to him and not to a constitution. He will give himself unlimited power to do what he wants without consequences. He will weaponize the Justice Department and go after his perceived enemies. He will withdraw us from NATO, opening a path for Putin to push his forces into Western Europe. Ukraine will be strangled economically and will fall to Putin and his forces. Freedoms as we have known them will be limited or be killed off entirely. Trump will rewrite the constitution so he can have absolute power. The 2024 election will be the last.

Trump is a madman who knows no love except of himself, has no empathy and is morally broken. He cares the least about you and if it comes down to him and you, he wins.

That’s enough for today. The vote in November will decide whether our constitutional republic will exist or a dictatorship will take over.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.