TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ I’m calling stupid on the Seattle Mariner players that have not been vaccine. It’s really dumbfounded why the Mariners are one of baseball’s worse teams – maybe the worse – in being vaccinated. What the bleep is wrong with them. They may wind up being the worse team in baseball when the final out is registered on the 2021 season and they are adding to that by not getting vaccinated? C’mon. We defeat COVID-19 when we reach herd immunity and if people like these players and numbskulls that for political reason refuse to get their shots are still walking around it stalls the effort to eradicate this disease and puts many others at risk. Its plain stupid, and dangerous. Get your shots. Save lives. … Speaking of these Mariners, maybe they should check their bats. There is something wrong with them. They don’t produce hits. The Mariners are the worse hitting team – or should I say non-hitting team – in baseball. As I write this, the Mariners are batting .197, which is under the fabled Mendoza Line (.200).  Next worse is Cleveland at .212 and Milwaukee .213. Houston is the top hitting club at .272 and Boston follows at .267.  They are, as I have written, the answer to the 1906 Chicago White Sox, who were labeled as the Hitless Wonders while winning the American League pennant and stunning the 116-game winning Chicago Cubs in the World Series, 4 games to 2. The 2001 Mariners tied the Cubs’ baseball record with 116 wins.  But, yeah, these current Mariners are hitless wonders, although they may be more properly called those Hitless Bums. There are only three current Mariners that are hitting a lick. Mitch Haniger is batting a team-high .257, and also leads in runs (31), hits (43),  doubles (10, tied with Kyle Seager), home runs (12), RBI (30, tied with Seager and strikeouts (43, tied with Dylan Moore). Next is J.P. Crawford in hitting at .247. Seager is hitting .22 but has belted nine home runs. … The Golden State Warriors are a good example of one player not being able to carry his team to the playoffs. Steph Curry had 39 points but the Warriors lost 117-114 to Memphis Friday night (May 21) to be eliminated from making the playoffs.  The six-foot-3 Curry won the NBA scoring title by averaging 32 points a game. Human nature has ruined the NBA for me. I’ve covered sports for a newspaper for over 50 years and where it’s possible (slowpitch softball, recreational basketball, amateur soccer and professional in all sports) humans revert to loading up their teams with the best players available to beat down inferior teams. I’ve seen it over and over and it’s the same in life (big corporations overwhelm and buy up smaller firms right down to mom and pop stores) as humans try to get a leg up on everybody else. So now in the NBA the big thing is to load up on superstars, the prime examples being the Los Angeles Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets.  The Nets have James Harden, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant and  recently Blake Griffin as added beef. My personality is to wade in as an underdog and I cherish the times when I can go against superior talent. It’s a physical and mental challenge to go against the best, but I like that. When I was much, much younger I always wanted to defend the best in the sports I played — basketball and football especially. I didn’t always win, but it forced me to be the best I could be and if I lost I had given it my best. And it makes me better.  I dislike the best of the best ganging up and beating those with much less talent by big scores. So naturally I will root against the Nets and Lakers, even though I admire their talent. As I have said previously, I hope a team like the Utah Jazz wins it all. That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.