TOP OF THE TOWN– It was stupid and for sure coach Don James would never have done it. Faced with a 4th-and-one at about their own 46 with about three minutes left and the game tied with Oregon State, Washington Husky football coach Jimmy Lake had his team go for it. I yelled at the TV no,no,no. Lake didn’t hear me. The plunge into the middle of the line failed, Oregon State took over and drove in for a game-winning field goal as time expired. I knew what was going to happen as soon as the Beavers took over. They had run wild over and around the Huskies all night and they weren’t going to stop now. If Lake would have had his team kick it at least the Beavers would have to drive almost the full length of the field to get the win. They might have done it, but nothing is guaranteed when a team has to drive a long way to score. But by failing to convert the fourth down essentially gave the game to the Beavers. It was the first win for them against the Huskies in the last 10 meetings. And it should not have happened. There is something wrong with these Huskies. I covered the team for nearly 30 years, including all the James’ years, and even when they lost a game the opponent knew it had been in a battle royal. James’ teams didn’t give the game away like Lake did. It was stupid then, it is stupid now, and it will be stupid 30 years from now. The Huskies have a bye week this week. They need it. Then they host UCLA. I hope Lake doesn’t give that game away. … Sad to see the Miracle Mariners lost their playoff chance when Boston and New York won their final games. It didn’t matter that the Mariners also lost their 162nd game to the Angels, 7-3. The victories y Boston and New York ended it. But the Mariners had an unbelievable season, winning 90 games when most so-called experts figured they would be lucky to win 70. Give a lot of credit to manager Scott Servais. He should be named the American League manager of the year, easily. And general manager Jerry Dipoto should be given credit for restocking an absolutely horrible farm system to the point that it’s now considered by most as the best in baseball. The future looks bright. There are a couple pitchers and a great young outfielder ready to come aboard. The outfielder is Julio Rodriquez, who could make the roster next season if ownership will allow it. There is the possibility that they won’t want to start Rodriquez’s service time for at last one more year to allow the team to have control for a longer time. I think that is stupid. If the kid is ready to play in the big leagues, play him. Pitchers Matt Brash, George Kirby and Emerson Hancock, all right-handers, are ready for Seattle. Brash was called up to the Mariners for the last three games of the season and is the most ready. And watch for shortstop Noelvi Marte, who was at high A this past season and may be two years away. But when he is ready he will blow you away with his talent. So as unexpected as this season was for the Mariners, get used to it. They are contenders ready to reach for the stars. … The Seattle Krakan are about ready to start crackin’ on ice and their debut in the NHL should be exiting for hockey fans. They open the regular season Oct. 12 in Las Vegas against the Golden Knights. Don’t expect success over night, although if they follow the Mariners’ script they might just be contenders instead of pretenders. That’s it for now. Stay safe.

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