TOP OF THE TOWN – I’m not sure why all of sudden high school football scores have skyrocketed. My guess is football games like life are constantly changing. I just can’t figure out why it has changed so much that scores are reaching to the heavens. As an example, North Kitsap, the 2A powerhouse from Poulsbo, is undefeated in eight games this season, outscoring outclassed opponents 400-71. That’s scoring an average of 50 points a game, with a high of 62-0 and a low of 32-0. Contrast that with 23 years of football at South Kitsap for coach Ed Fisher. The SK Wolvers were 197-48 under Fisher. That’s 245 games and South, when Fisher got it rolling, particularly in his later years, ran up some big scores, but nothing compared to what is going on now. In those 245 games, South scored in the 50s 15 times, in the 60s eight times, and twice in the 70s. South did all that by running the ball in the Power-I formation. Today’s high school scores are soaring as a result of a pass-happy generation. So what happened to the defense? What got me started on this is a story I ran across yesterday about this kid – Justyn Martin, an UCLA commit, who tossed 13 touchdown passes in a game. Playing for Inglewood, Calif., Martin was absolutely unstoppable as he led a 106- demolishing of rival Morningside High School, also from Inglewood. As astonishing as it was, it was also embarrassing and terrible, as far as I’m concerned. How do you run up such a score against any opponent? The coach should be fired. This is horrible. And they actually went for a two-point conversion after the last TD pass made it 104-0. Say what? This is how you make enemies out of friends. It’s sickening. Maybe I’m being too harsh on the coach. After all, they only outscored Morningside 18-0 in the second half. Yes, that is right for those of your who have done the math. Inglewood led 86-0 at halftime. As a side note, Martin’s 13 TD passes is a California high school record, but not a national record. A guy named Arthur Smith tossed 15 touchdown passes 100 years ago in a high school game. I didn’t know they even throw the ball back in 1921. That’s probably why the guy threw 15 TD passes. The other team didn’t know what was going on. … By now you know the Los Angeles Rams traded for Denver’s Von Miller. That put an extra stake through the heart of the Seahawks if they thought they had a chance to catch up to the Rams in the NFC West. With Miller teaming with Aaron Donald as pass rushers no quarterback in the league is now safe. Russell Wilson broke his finger on Donald’s helmet, what will be break when he first gets hit by Donald and Miller at the same time? If I’m Wilson I might think about setting out the rest of this season. Just kidding. You know Wilson is itching to get back on the field. He’s about as competitive as anybody. But he better watch out when the Seahawks play the Rams on Dec. 29.  Wilson better open his Christmas gifts on time, because if he waits he might not be able to.  Just kidding again. I think. … Washington hosts Oregon Saturday at Husky Stadium. It could be a bloodbath. The Dawgs could use Miller. Ok, that is enough for today. Stay safe.

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