TOP OF THE TOWN – Are we afraid of talking about the spiritual side of us for fear we will be labeled nuts and an outcast? It’s a distinct possibility because I don’t hear people talk about the “other side” or acknowledge it when somebody does talk about it, as I have done repeatedly. I have heard one person comment on my other worldly experiences in over the 30 years which I have written about them. I can’t be alone in having these experiences. So here I go again, talking about them. They are real. And what you say, or don’t say, doesn’t change them.  My first experiences occurred when I was five and six years old. I would be wide awake in bed when the world seemed to expand on me.  I found myself traveling through space in an endlessly. In some of these experiences I would be telepathy told that future travel would be by anti-gravity magnetic ships. Don’t ask me why they happened because I have no clue. Neither did I ever figure out why I was told, or what it means. Because they happened so often I thought this was just normal. It is not. I was nine years old when I was telepathy told that I would marry Mary. Nine years old!!! Don’t ask me why I was told that. I don’t know. But it happened. It was real. Of course, 17 years later when these two girls walked into the Wintergarden, a road house half-way between Bellingham and Ferndale, I instantly knew one of them was Mary without ever seeing her before. Don’t ask me how I knew. I don’t know. I just knew. Seven months later we were married, fulfilling the prophesy I was told when I was nine. We are still married. I was sitting in the cafeteria underneath the bleachers at Longacres, the former horse racing track, and was stumped over the 7th race as I poured over the Racing Form. I had it narrowed down to five horses, not the best solution as post-time drew near. Suddenly, I was telepathy told, “Summer Sunshine.” I looked down at the Racing Form and saw Summer Sunshine with morning odds of 17 to 1. I raced to the betting window and put down a $2 bet. Summer Sunshine won and paid $36. Why did somebody from the “other side” tell me who was going to win that race? It wasn’t a world-saving gesture. It was a claiming horse race!!! The same thing happened to me again in 2009. I love watching the Triple Crown races — Kentucky Derby, Preakness and the Belmont Stakes – and very rarely have missed one over the long years of watching horse racing. I was in our living room watching the pre-hype of the 2009 Belmont Stakes and as the talking heads began predicting who they thought would win – Mine the Bird was the favorite – I was telepathy told “Summer Bird.”  By now I had gotten used to receiving messages from the “other side” and this one ruined the race for me. None of the talking heads picked Summer Bird, a 11-1 choice. So I started screaming at them from my comfortable chair in the living room, “Summer Bird, you idiots.” But knowing now who was going to win took all the joy out of watching the race. I like to make my own predictions, right or wrong. But in the 2009 Belmont I already knew which horse was to win and it was no fun to watch it unfold as I was told. Summer Bird came back from off the pace down the final stretch and overtook three other horses to win, paying just over $25. The coup d’état of being connected to the spiritual world came on May 26, 1989.  It was one of the saddest days in our family. One of our granddaughters was killed that day. Sara Mary Ann, who I called Junior because she wore Mary’s full name (Mary Ann), was with her family, our oldest daughter and son-in-law in Idaho visiting our son-in-law’s sister and the group was putting their boat into the water of a lake. Somehow Junior got behind the truck and it ran over her. She was instantly killed. Junior was 3.5 years old. I was with our second son, Todd, in the press box at Longacres when I got a call from Mary that Junior was killed. Todd and I raced to our apartment at Montlake to pick up Mary and we drove to Sea-Tac to pick up our daughter, who was flying in from Spokane. Wendy was hysterical as you would guess. We arrived early at Sea-Tac, at least we thought we were early for Wendy’s flight. As the three of us rode down the escalator to the underground train that would take us to the South Terminal music started playing. Amazing Grace was being played loud and clear. There never has been music there –now or then – but I heard it plain as day. As we reached the bottom of the escalator, Junior telepathy spoke to me, saying, “Don’t worry about me, I walk with the grace of God.” At that instant the train arrived. It was packed with people and as the doors opened the first person off was Wendy, who raced into Mary’s arms. Junior’s death changed our family for the better. It was as if she died for our sins. We all started reaching for God. Wendy and her husband, Craig, became pastors and eventually started their own church in Vancouver, Todd bolted from home, overcome with grief, and wandered the wilderness in the Olympics and eventually trekked all the way to Juneau where he met his future wife. I spend the next year trying to find answers to why Junior had to die and why she did it for us? I finally discovered C.S. Lewis and answers sprung forth. Junior was an Angel who came to redirect our family back on our spiritual paths. One answer I haven’t solved is why did she pick us out? My year-long search ended with me crying for six straight days, having a deep talk with each of our children individually, and having defense mechanizes that I had built up over the years – mainly in my dark years from1954-1965 – come out of the top of my head and as they came out a voice telepathy explained to me why they were developed. The seventh day, when all the defense mechanizes had departed I drove on the ferry to cover a Seattle Mariners game at the Kingdome for the paper. As I drove on a deep calm came over me. I felt intense love and the colors around me were stunning. I still can’t describe them though I have read about them from people who have died and come back to life. They are colors we don’t have here on Earth and they omit feelings of love. The feeling I had was so overwhelming and wonderful that I prayed to God to allow me to feel them all the way to the Kingdome. It all went away, though, as I drove off the ferry in Seattle. A few years ago I ran across a friend, a retired social worker, at Costco in Silverdale and as we talked I began to explain what had happened to me on that ferry ride. A deep Christian man, he immediately said I was in the presence of God. For most of my life I have felt God has directed my life. Because of that I feel protected, although because we have Free Will I can lose contact with Him and fall by the wayside. We are all here following our own spiritual paths and as long as we do we can move forward spiritually and eventually become one with God. I believe in reincarnation so if we don’t achieve perfection in this life we can come back and try again. I have been called goody-two-shoes because I always try to do what is right. I don’t always succeed, but that is my first go-to. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.