TOP OF THE TOWN – There are so many things swirling around in my busy mind. I think all the time about things and it affects my sleep. Sometimes I feel my mind is being tossed around like a roof of a house in a hurricane and when it gets too tough to ignore I will get up in the middle of the night to write and lessen the load. You know, I have been a mugwump, setting on the fence for years as the debate on abortion raged. The extreme far-right hijacked the Republican Party, encouraged by 45 with the aid of the Federalists, and now with fellow right-wingers firmly stationed on the Supreme Court it is about to toss out Wade vs. Roe that has been law since 1973. We are undergoing a far-right revolution in this country. The far-right, the phony non-Christian evangelicals, the Federalists, the weirdo conspiracy lawmakers and conman 45, are leading this revolution, or coup, all across our country, hijacking election systems to ensure that only their preferred candidates win elections, and now they have their supporters on the Supreme Court ready to strip women of their right to control their bodies. Next for the Supremes will likely be an attack on the LGBYQ community. How did we let this happen? It won’t matter when Roe is scraped, thrown into the dusty bin of history like a bunch of rotten apples, abortions will not stop. But a lot more women will die getting back-alley abortions. So thank you all you far-right weirdoes. So now in addition to being weirdo, you will be complicit in murders. I hope you are happy with your stupidity. … You know, all this stuff going on in our country is tearing it apart and I wouldn’t surprise me if we have a civil war, pitting families, friends and foes against each other in a deadly scenario much like the original Civil War. There are millions of guns held in private hands in our country and it will take just an extra spark or two (Roe is one) for it all to explode in war. Don’t laugh. When the majority of Americans finally wake up to what the Nazified Republican Party is up to, all hell is going to break out. Do the Republicans really expect the American majority to sit passively by while elections are REALLY stolen? …  Ok, enough of that. It’s depressing to think about all of that, and I got to stabilize my thought process to say if you have a chance go see the Seattle Storm play a game this season at beautiful Climate Pledge Arena. If you don’t go you will miss seeing the best point guard in women’s basketball of all time play her last season, at 41 years of age not less. Sue Bird is amazing. She is not just a great, great basketball player, but a phenomenal human being who will do great things in retirement. Don’t miss the chance to see one of the all-time greats. … I finally get what Pete Carroll is all about. For 10 years while Russell Wilson pulled off one miracle finish after another, Carroll squirmed in frustration even as his team won a Super Bowl and should have won a second one. While the ball was flying through the air, Carroll wanted it to be lugged on the ground. Now that Wilson is gone to Denver, he has his chance to really put together a land-loving football team. He’s got a quarterback – Drew Lock – that nobody thinks will make the Pro Football Hall of Fame unless he buys a ticket but is somebody Carroll can dumb down to be manager of games. So goodbye miracles and hello thundering herd of three yards and seven to go. … No matter how you slice it, the Kraken season was not good. I fault goalkeeping, sloppy defense and average skaters. Many of their opponents could skate circles around them. The positive is that it’s a start for hockey in Seattle. It will get better. … I don’t know what to think about Washington Husky football. I think the talent is there, except maybe at quarterback. And quarterback is the most important position in football. New coach, new system, new players equals questionable season. I think Washington State football is on the rise. Watch out for the Cougars. … The war in Ukraine is horrendous. When it’s all said and done, Ukraine will no longer be a country. Which is what Putin wants. If Putin succeeds in this what is to stop him from continuing on west? The only thing will stop him is death. ,,, When you begin to understand social media is populated by a bunch of 10-year-olds with a keyboard and Internet service, you will quit worrying about some stupid story or stupid comment. My suggestion is to skip over the nonsense, keep your head down, drink a beer and sleep tight.  That’s it for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.