TOP OF THE TOWN – I have criticized Phil Mickelson for joining the LIV Tour sponsored by the rich kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has horrible human rights against women, gays and people who speak out against the repressive regime run by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. The Prince has dissents lined up and shot not on a daily basis, but enough times to scare the bejesus out of a massive grizzly on a remote Alaskan trail. One who was not shot was American journalists Jamal Khashogg. He was chopped up and disposed of by unknown means in October of 2018 on the alleged orders of the Crown Prince. When I went after Phil for sucking up to the Crown Prince by agreeing to join his LIV Tour I did so on moral grounds. Why the hell would anybody join forces with such an evil man? Well, now I know why Phil took the leap. There are $200 million reasons why he did it. That’s the reported signing bonus Phil got for abandoning the PGA Tour. Now the question I have to ask is Khashogg’s life worth $200 million? How many of us would take the same leap for the same amount of money? If I had the ability to play golf like Phil and I don’t and never did. In fact, I was the world’s worse golfer. The last time I played many years ago I broke a 100 (99) at the old course at the Gold Mountain Complex. I had vowed to quit if I ever did that, and quit I did. But if were young enough and good enough and was offered $200 million to join the LIV Tour would I do it knowing the human rights violations that occur almost on a daily basis in Saudi Arabia under the Crown Prince? If I’m honest, I don’t know. I’m split 50-50 on that, and that frightens me because I know how tempting it would be to know I and my family could be set for life yet I would be going against every fiber in my bones to do so. It scares me to think that I consider myself a very moral and righteous person, yet just the thought of $200 million at my age now gives me pause. Mosher, my conscious is telling me right now, you can’t have it both ways. You either are a spiritual man who is guided by the hand of God or you are just the opposite. Which is it?  The fact is the fight with myself over it is not a fight that I would lose. I definitely would not accept $200 million and do what I think is morally right and stay with the PGA. I couldn’t live with myself to do to otherwise. And for Phil to do it, that’s on him. The money obviously means more than Khashogg’s life to him. So be it. God will judge Phil, and the others that have also signed on. They know not what they are doing. They are following the money. They are being bought lock, stock and barrel. … You know, I covered Seattle Mariners for nearly 30 years for the local newspaper and was MLB official scorer for another seven seasons and I’m mystified over what is wrong with the team. One thing I was shocked at is how few of the 40-man roster are homegrown ‑ outfielder Kyle Lewis and Julio Rodriguez, pitchers Wyatt Mills, Matt Festa, Logan Gilbert, Penn Murfee and Roenis Ellis catcher Cal Raleigh and infielder Donovan Walton. I don’t think that has much relevance of how well or how bad the club does, but I find it surprising that most of the 40-man roster started with other organizations. When you bring together such a diverse group you should expect it to take longer to come together. Still, that is not it. The team just doesn’t hit in key situations. The Mariners are 21st in batting average (.237), 23rd in runs per game (4.07), and last with team left on base per game (7.5). How many times have I watched as Jesse Winker and Eugenio Suarez stand with bat on their shoulders and take a called third strike? There is far too many to count. And Adam Frazier has just enough power to hit balls into shallow outfield or the infield. The starting pitching and bullpen is good enough. But hitters are not hitting enough. That’s plain and simple. Ok, that is enough for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.