TOP OF THE TOWN – The fighting M’s led by light-heavyweight Jesse Winker produced a video Sunday the envy of UFC. The 18-minute brawl started when Winker was hit by a pitch and somebody, maybe Anthony Rendon, said something to Winker. That upset Winker who charged the Angels’ dugout and Rendon, fighting off an umpire to get there. He essentially took on the whole Angels’ team, minus the bullpen, which came charging in to join the fray. It’s pretty clear the Angels and M’s do not like each other. There may be more fireworks when the Angels return to T-Mobile Park for three games Aug. 5-7. Personally, I like what Winker did. He was being called out and stood up to the challenge. Nobody got hurt, which is good, and it shows the Angels and the rest of MLB that the M’s (and Winker) won’t be intimidated. The Mariners are getting their bearings and are starting to look a lot better (although they are leading the MLB in runners stranded on base by a large margin. It’s gotten so bad pitchers should sue for non-support,) Despite that, and injuries (catcher Tom Murphy, outfielders Mitch Haniger and Kyle Lewis) plus sure to come suspensions for the fight, the team is putting up a good fight on the baseball field. I have new found respect for Winker. I’ll walk down a dark alley anytime with him. That’s it for today. Stay tuned for the next fight. Stay safe.

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