TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ I’m an independent thinker. My mine is always going, which is why I lose a lot of sleep because I can’t get my mind to knock it off.  And despite my best attempts, I can’t get my mind off Joe Kennedy and his successful fight to have the right to pray at midfield after a football game at Bremerton High School. He took his cause all the way to the Supreme Court, which today (June27) sided with him against the Bremerton School district. I give Kennedy credit for hanging in there, but he is wrong when he says his praying didn’t influence the kids that played for him. And he knew it. Which is why one time he left the district grounds after a game without praying, got down the road and decided no, he had to go back and pray. Why? He could have prayed in his car. I have done that. So why did he go back? The answer is obvious. What he did violates the Constitution clause of separation of church and state. He is lucky, and we are not. The current Supreme Court has a conservative majority of 6-3 and that majority is becoming a rigid far-right band of extremists that is turning the clock back 100 years of years or more on various topics, including abortions, concealed gun carry and most likely same sex marriage. We are becoming Afghanistan 02 with the Taliban in control there and here in America the far right non-Christian Evangelicals are gaining control. If this goes on could slavery and lynching become legal under this push by the extremists? I’m not kidding. We are on a path to self-righteous. In some states there are hints that your privacy will be crushed by laws that ban households from abortion medicines (the Pill) and travel to stats where abortions can be secured. I’m wondering how the extremists will react if a Muslim football coach prays at mid-field after a game? Ok, stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.