The Nets are a mess and so is Irving



TOP OF THE TOWN – I’m not amused at the antics of Brooklyn Nets’ Kyrie Irving. I put myself as team owner when I think about some of these guys and when I do that with Irving I would never have allowed him to be on my team. I’m big on good character guys who are also good teams guys. Irving is the opposite of all that. And I don’t think he makes teammates better, which is key for me. I wouldn’t want to be near Irving. His anti-vaccine stance and now his retweet of the anti-Semitic movie “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake up Black America” caused a backlash so severe he should be punished by the NBA, but so far hasn’t been. Now, according to a story I just read, he has refused to admit to holding anti-Semitic beliefs, refused to say the Holocaust happened and cast himself as the victim. I would like to know how Irvin has come to have these strange and hurtful views he has. But I know one thing; I would not have him on my team. And it’s doubtful any other NBA team would make a deal to trade for him. He’s too toxic. The situation with the Nets is terrible. Kevin Durand asked to be traded in the off-season, coach Steve Nash was just fired, and the promise of the Nets being a super team has melted like plastic on a bonfire. Oh yeah, the Nets now have Ben Simmons, a once upon a time super star who refuses to take a jump shot because he’s afraid he can’t make it. The Nets don’t need a new coach they need a psychiatrist…. Speaking of psychiatrists, how about those Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers?  I want to make this clear, Rodgers is a future Hall of Fame guy and if I had a vote he would get mine. But he also is a Hall of Shame guy.  I didn’t realize until the last two years what a jerk he is. The Packers are 3-5 in the NFC North tied for second behind the Vikings, who are 6-1. Green Bay is a mess. They have young receives who have been getting tongue-lashes from Rodgers for not being good. I find it kind of funny that Rodgers and Tom Brady with the Bucs are both struggling and they both are two of the best quarterbacks to ever grace an NFL football field. Brady just went through a divorce and is showing his age (45) and he too has been grumbling about his team. Brady doesn’t look his age, but Rodgers is showing his (39 in December). For years, Rodgers looked physically good. But lately is unshaven, his hair is a mess and his eyes seem to be bulging. He’s a very smart dude, but I think pressure has gotten to him. If pressure seems to have gotten to Rodgers, and Brady, it has not penetrated the veneer that protects Russell Wilson. The former Seahawks’ QB is having a sad year in his first year with the Broncos, but still keeps up the smile and his corny statements. He’s been mocked and defrocked in Denver but persists in believing in himself. The Broncos are 3-5, however, and their offense is missing in action. If I didn’t know better, I would say Geno Smith was the starter and Wilson the back-up in Seattle. It’s remarkable what Smith has done this season for the Seahawks and just as remarkable what Wilson has not done in Denver to earn his $245million salary over five years. I guess this just goes to show you no matter how good you are Father Time always wins. Brady, Rodgers and Wilson may be victims of Father Time.  That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

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