Apple Cup back to normal, and Wilson got his money so don’t feel sorry for him



TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ I don’t feel sorry for Russell Wilson. He got what he wanted – MONEY – and now Denver Bronco fans get what they don’t want – Russell Wilson completing 58.9 percent of his passes, eight touchdowns and five interceptions in 10 games and a quarterback rating of 82.3, the lowest of his career by a lot. He has lead the Broncos to three wins in those 10 games, and it’s cold in Denver, both on the field and in the hearts of Denver fans when they think of Wilson. Meanwhile, back in Seattle Wilson’s former backup quarterback – Geno Smith – is completing72.8 percent of his passes, with 19 touchdowns and five interceptions in 10 games and a quarterback rating of 107.9. He has led Seattle to six wins. We humans almost always think the grass is greener in our neighbor’s yard. But as Wilson is finding out, it isn’t. … The Apple Cup got back to normal Saturday in chilly Pullman as the Huskies swallowed the Cougars whole in a 51-33 dismantling (the highest total score in its history). I thought Washington State would win this game, which goes to show what thinking does for me. The game showed the Cougars to be pretenders not contenders. They couldn’t stop running water. Somebody said the Huskies could have scored 70 points. I might add 10 points to that. The Cougar’s vaunted defense proved to be as false as anything that comes out of the mouth of Trump. It was a pretend defense made up by minds that didn’t know better. To be honest, the Husky defense is nothing to write home about. First-year coach Kalen DeBoer is an offensive mind that could create a painting worthily of being in the Louvre but a defense no one would install at a prison. Still, crazy AP voters listed the Huskies as their No. 9 team this week in its poll. If they are No.9 I’m No. 1. Until they can beat Arizona State, the Huskies are about fifteen in my ranking. And I’m being generous. If the Huskies go to the Rose Bowl, and that is a possibility if USC beats Utah in the Pac-12 championship game and the Trojans wind up in the FBS, they will probably face Ohio State in Pasadena.  If that happens and somehow the Huskies beat Ohio State, I’ll throw out everything I just said and go get therapy.  To shorten what I just wrote, if the Huskies had any defense nobody would beat them. NOBODY.  I covered the Huskies for nearly 30 years for the daily newspaper here and they built their football legacy on defense. Teams that came into Husky Stadium on Saturday afternoons knew they were going to be in a bruising battle and even those teams that managed to escape with victories over the Huskies felt the pain of doing it. The 2022 Huskies are dangerous offensively, scoring almost at will behind the brilliance of 6-foot-3 quarterback Michael Penix Jr.. Penix has established a near school record for passing yards (4354 to the 4458 Cody Pickett threw in 2002) and has thrown 29 touchdown passes with seven interception in leading the Huskies to a 10-2 record. He is amazingly accurate and is the best Husky quarterback since Jake Browning’s four-year run (2015-18). That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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