TOP OF THE TOWN – If you know me you know I have knocked pro football. I believe, still believe, that players have gotten too big, too strong, too fast, too quick for the game of football at that level. I know it will never be banned. It makes too much money. According to the latest revealed revenue for the year 2021, the NFL made $11 billion, distributing $343.75 million to each of the 32 teams. That’s a lot of corn. Yet, it’s a horrific sport. Very violent. Players are routinely carted off in games for the injuries they receive. Still, I watch these games with eager anticipation. I enjoy the strategy, and the adjustments coaches make, both in-game and at halftime. I’m addicted. I really am, even though I think the sports should be banned. I got a reminder of that thought Monday night when Damar Hamlin, a 6-foot safety for the Buffalo Bills, had his heart stopped after making a tackle. He was administered CPR on the field and rushed by ambulance to the University of Cincinnati Hospital and placed in the ICU where he was in critical condition. His heart-breaking injury led to the league postponing the game between Buffalo and Cincinnati, a first for the league. From all reports, this happened to one of the nice guys. Hamlin started a charity foundation in 2020 just before he was picked in the sixth round of the NFL draft. “As I embark on my journey to the NFL, I will never forget where I come from and I am committed to using my platform to positively impact the community that raised me,” Hamlin wrote on his foundation’s GoFundMe page. It had a goal of $2,500 buy for toys for children. When the news hit Hamlin was severely injured, money poured in to this foundation and at last report had received over $4 million from people all over the country.  I am disgusted that it had to come to this to point out how dangerous pro football is. One sports columnist said today on cable news that he goes into locker rooms a day or two after games to access the damage to players, and he discovered its significant damage. The highlight (lowlight?) of a NFL team each week is the injury report. It’s like teams have just come back from a battle field, everybody is a little nicked up and most of them play the next game even though they are injured. It’s not my idea of making money. I’ll stick with writing. … One more time: Washington has to let Mike Hopkins go. He’s a sweet, nice guy. But it’s sad to watch his current Huskies try to compete in the Pac-12. They can’t shoot it, and it’s obvious the Huskies won’t win many conference games. Athletic director Jen Cohen needs to find a guy who can recruit and who can coach those recruits. No more zone. Please. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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