The great Pele` leaves us, and Wilson continues to give Seahawks great Christmas presents




TOP OF THE TOWN – The older I get the more unfair life is. By that I mean the longer I’m here the more I see family, friends and legends of all kinds depart this Earth. Pele` is the latest, the soccer legend dying today (Dec. 29). Franco Harris, the great Pittsburgh running back who made the great Immaculate Reception 50 years ago (Harris briefly played for the Seahawks) famously also bid us goodbye. I had a good friend die two months ago just two weeks after he told me he had terminal lung cancer. So it goes. Nobody escapes Father Time. We are born to die. As I age I get to see things I never thought I would. Russell Wilson having the worse season of his long football career is not something I thought would happen. I suspected he was in decline, but never thought he would walk off a cliff. I’m guessing Denver never thought that either. I don’t like to say this because it’s easy to second-guess Pete Carroll. No matter how bad the Seahawks play, you can bet Carroll will see the silver lining and say his team is okay, just a few things will get fixed and we will be alright. It’s never that easy, however, and after another loss he says the same thing over and over. If it’s fixable why isn’t it fixed? I heard a sports shock jock say what Carroll would never say and that is, especially the defensive front, is not talented enough to fix. I know the 12s paint their faces in Seahawk colors and dress as if they are auditioning to be a clown in a circus and continue to hope the Seahawks can beat the Jets and Rams and sneak into the playoffs, but what if they unexpectedly do?  In good football consciousness there is no way in hell the Seahawks are a Super Bowl contender, so get over it. The might even lose to the Jets and Rams. The Rams hastened the firing of Denver’ coach by putting up 51 points on them last week. The Rams?  The one thing Denver had going for it this season was its defense. It was good. I was solid. Then the Broncos said enough. We give up, and give they did, 51 points worth. If the Seahawks wake up and win the Super Bowl then I propose Carroll to be the next Pope, replacing Francis who I think, according to reports, is on his death bed. Speaking of death beds, Washington men’s basketball coach Mike Hopkins is about to face his demise. His Huskies, after being embarrassed by Auburn, faces the top four Pac-12 teams in the next 10 days. They play home games against USC Friday (Dec. 30) and UCLA on New Year ’s Day then travel to play No. 5 Arizona on Jan. 5 and Arizona State on Jan.8. I don’t see Hop’s kids winning any of those games. Let’s face it, his Huskies are not husky, they are skinny dawgs about to be swallowed whole. When I think of the dribbling Huskies I want to do something the NCAA should do – separated teams into divisions like they do in soccer. All the best major teams like Duke, Kentucky, Houston, UCLA, Arizona would be in the top division – let’s a call it 5A – and then you sweep down from there to 1A, which would have teams like North Texas, Bakersfield, Cal Poly, California Baptist in it. Oh yeah, I forgot Cal Baptist beat Hop’s Huskies 73-64. Under this proposal where would you put the Huskies?  That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

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