TOP OF THE TOWN ‑                There could be three major quarterback shifts in the NFL this off-season. So let’s look at them. Derek Carr, who Las Vegas released just a day (Feb. 14) before it would have to pay him $40 million per contract, is now on the open market. This NFL salary business, by the way, is so confusing and stupid it’s unbelievable. For example, since Carr refused to give up his no-trade clause in the contract, the contract would have become fully vested to Carr, which would mean $40 million. But since he refused, Vegas really had no choice but to release him before it became fully guaranteed. Do you get it? Many NFL contracts are not guaranteed at some point. You might sign a three-year contract for, let’s say, $60 million, with only the first year guaranteed at, let’s say, $15 million. The other $45 million is depended on whether the team wants to keep you at the end of one year or not. In MLB, contracts are fully vested and guaranteed. It is why Bobby Bonilla is still being paid $1,193,248.20 a year since he signed the contract in 2011. Bonilla, who will be 60 on Feb. 23, agreed to a settlement with the Mets when they released him in 2011 to deferred payment that carries through 2053 when he will be 90. Each year on July 1 he gets paid the money showed above. It’s now called, “Bobby Bonilla Day.”  It’s like hitting the lotto year after year. At any rate, Carr is on the open market. I think he will wind up with the Saints. Carr’s history shows he’s not real good in cold weather, so there is that. But I think New Orleans will be just fine for him in the winter. Then there is Lamar Jackson. The Ravens appear unwilling to offer Jackson a contract fully guaranteed, which is what he wants. Cleveland’s Deshaun Watson has a fully guaranteed contract worth $230 million. Russell Wilson got $165 million in guarantee money when he signed with the Broncos. However, many NFL contracts are slippery and can be gone without a cent in an instant. Rumors have Jackson being traded to Atlanta. That makes sense, although I could see him going to the Commanders. As for the elephant in the room: Aaron Rodgers, I think he will stay with the Packers. Most experts say he will go to the Jets. I think that would be a mistake. He is too weird an intellectual for New York fans to take to him. In a perfect world, his quarterback ability would put the Jets over the top. But is it a good fit intellectual for Rodgers or fans? No. He should say in Green Bay where he can do and say what he wants and be loved for it. And he can sit on his back porch and shuffle through his large stack of hundred dollar bills while drinking a beer or two. No, Rodgers should stay home.

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