TOP OF THE TOWN – So Aaron Rodgers has come out of the Oregon Wilderness after two days (not the four days originally intended) and the sports world is holding its breath waiting for the Green Bay quarterback to announce what he is going to do – cut bait and move on or stay with the Packers. What a joke. A football player is holding the rest of the sports world hostage and that is stunning, and stupid. Some of you sports freaks need to get a life. Whole TV sports shock jock shows have been debating Rodgers journey into darkness for over a week. Why should they care? I don’t. There are way more important things to talk about in our world than talk about some egotistic pro quarterback taking a hike into woods. … Did you know that most of our major college and pro franchises in the region are trending upwards? Even the Washington Husky men’s basketball team has a shot, albeit a long shot, at making the postseason. If they do, Mike Hopkins’ job may be saved. Hop is a real nice buy, but nice guys don’t necessarily get bonus points for that if their teams struggle to win. It’s 50-50 now whether Hope will be retained. I’m pretty sure there are some wealthy Husky boosters who not too happy. A strong finish to the regular season and a good showing in the Pac-12 Tournament might be enough to put a smile on those boosters. Elsewhere, the Husky women’s basketball team has a real shot at making the postseason. They recently stunned Stanford and are finishing strong. The women are 7-9 in the conference and 15-11 overall. They visit USC and UCLA to finish the regular season and need to at least get a split on that trip and then do well in the Pac-12 Tournament to have a chance. But there is a chance. That is all you can ask…. The Mariners opened spring training with the promise of following a successful 2022 season with another good one. It’s going to be difficult for them to unseat Houston in the American League West, but 90-plus wins seems realistic for them. They have a solid pitching rotation and one of the better bullpens in the league and if things bounce the right way has a good chance at making the post-season for the second straight season. … The Washington Husky football team appears to be loaded and could jump into the top four in the country this next season. It should be fun to watch and while it’s tough to imagine the Huskies can compete with the Alabama’s, there is a possibility that Kalen DeBoer’s explosive offense will be enough to take the Tide down. … Then there is the Seahawks. They surprised last year with long-time backup quarterback Geno Smith and if Geno is just a bit better this next season and the Seahawks shore up their run defense, who knows how far the Seahawks can go?… How about the Kraken? The second-year franchise is contending for the NHL Western Conference Pacific Division crown and a trip into the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Kraken are 32-19-6 and have 70 points and tied for third place, three points behind division leader Las Vegas. They are exciting to watch and have one of the best players in the league in Matty Beniers. … So that’s it for now. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

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