TOP OF THETOWN – A basketball player stomps on the stomach of an opponent and it fills up social media and sports shock jocks discuss it endlessly on network TV and a shooter walks into a school and massacres dozens of kids and the nation sends thoughts and prayers and moves on. What the bleep is wrong with us? Can we see the problem is not a basketball player but too many guns in too many hands. Ban the bleeping guns. Bleep the NRA. Stop the killing of innocents. Stop the flow of dark money to greedy politicians. We need a complete overhaul of our political system. Too many of our politicians are kissing the butts of big donors. We don’t  have any control of those who are supposed to represent us. They do what big-money wants them to do. Us? We are nothing to them other than people that can be conned by a slick-talking, greedy SOB. Throw all the bums in Congress out and start over with people who can’t be influenced by big-money. If that is not  possible then get rid of Citizens United. And ban the guns. … Good column in the Seattle Times today by Matt Calkins talking about the defensive problems associated with Husky football. For all the blaze of glory the 2022 Huskies godt in riding to an 11-2 record and Alamo Bowl victory, their defense in the backend stunk. So Calkins argues until the Huskies shore up their defense all their off-season talk about challenging for a spot in the football playoffs is just that – talk. The  Huskies have to show us they have fixed their defense against the pass. Until we see that, the playoffs will remain a far-off goal. …  The NBA playoffs have gone off  the rails. There are only three teams that should win who have won so far. That’s the Lakers, Nuggets and Celtics. The other match-ups have seen the underdog take control, especially the Sacramento Kings, who have smacked down the defending NBA title holder, Golden State, in the first two games. The Kings have been queens for so long it’s a shock to see them beat the Warriors and its no fluke. The Kings are no longer queens. They are for real, led by 7-foot-1 center Domantas Sabonis (yes he is the one who was stomped by Draymond Green). Actually Sabonis is a point-guard masquerading as a center. He can bring the ball up the court, hit the outside shot, is uncanny under the basket and I think is the key to the King’s tossing off the queens label. But the Kings also have other relatively unknowns that are helping, especially THE point guard De’Aaron Fox, who poured in 38 points in the Kings’ first win over the Warriors. Lot of the sports shock jocks picked Phoenix with Kevin Durant to win it all. I disagree. Until somebody finds a way to stop the Denver Nuggets and slow down the Celtics that’s who I favor. The Celtics might have won it last year if they could have cut down on  their turnovers. As for the Warriors, they are toast. They can’t stop water. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.