I’m not the only one that’s upset at the Gold Glove nominations in American League. Kansas City players didn’t get one, and boy are they ticked. Catcher Salvador Perez they say is the best defensive catcher in the league, and third baseman Maikel Garcia and shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. should have been nominated because of their defensive ability. They think the voting is a bad joke. I have my own criticism. Yes, Julio Rodriguez was nominated for his play in centerfield. I can accept that, but third baseman Eugenio Suarez was the best the Mariners have ever had at the hot corner. I covered the team for 30 years and have watched their games since on TV and Suarez is amazing. He’s great. I agree with KC players, the voting is a bad joke. You couldn’t be better than Suarez… Geno Smith is proving what I have thought all along. He’s a solid backup NFL quarterback. His weakness is he doesn’t appear to have a working radar to sense when he’s about to be creamed. His mobility is limited. For heaven sakes, to survive in the NFL a quarterback has to be able to escape the pocket and throw accurately on the run. That’s not Smith. He’s often a sitting duck back there when defenders break through the offensive line. Heck, as mobile as Russell Wilson was, he was sacked often. But Smith is no Wilson when it comes to being mobile. I don’t have an answer, but Drew Lock may not be better. Lock’s history is littered with turnovers. As always in football, the offensive line is the key. Without an effective OL you are in trouble. I think the Seahawks’ defense is the best I have seen it since the Legion of Boom. Is it good enough to win most of their games? Doubtful. You have to score to have a good chance. Right now, I would say the Hawks are the middle of the pack team. Good, but not good enough. … With a new athletic director – Troy Dannen ‑ I would be very surprised that Mike Hopkins will be around after this upcoming Washington Husky basketball season. He’s a goner. All I can say is, it’s about time.  Is m