Outclassed Seahawks have more danger straight ahead



TOP OF THE TOWN – Yes, Seahawks are mediocre. They are flying with one broken wing. San Franciso is so much better it’s like Chico playing Bremerton High School. It’s sad if you are a Seahawk fan. If you are honest, those great receivers‑ Metcalf, Lockett and rookie Jaxon Smith-Njigba – are basically being shut down by defenders playing one-on-one on them. You wouldn’t think that would happen, but it is. It’s compounded by a quarterback who can’t get out of his own way. Geno Smith has a good arm, but he advertises where he’s going to throw and he’s slow to react to a blitz. Geno is a solid backup, but has no business being asked to lead the team. The trouble is his backup – Drew Lock ‑is as bad or worse than we thought. What I ask myself is how Pete Carroll came to believe in Smith? Has Carroll gotten too old to make good judgments? It’s true Kenneth Walker III was not available to play against San Francisco, but do you think he would have made enough difference?  It’s going to get worse for Seattle. Ahead is Dallas, San Francisco again and Philadelphia. Those three have a combined record of 25-7. That’s it for today. I’m depressed because the Seahawks look so outmatched. Does Chico have an open date?

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