Good news in Huskyville and bad news in Marinerville



TOP OF THE TOWN – Its all good news in Huskyville and not so good in Marinerville. Have you noticed that the Washington women are unbeaten in basketball (9-0), the men basketballers are 5-3 and looking as good as they have in quite a few years, and, oh yeah, the Husky footballers are 13-0, won the last Pac-12 title and are slotted as the No. 2 teams in the four-team playoff system. They play Texas, the No. 3 team, in the NCAA D-1 semifinals and have a legitimate chance of advancing to the championship game, Michigan is No.1 and plays Alabama in the semis. I may be crazy but I feel Michigan is the weakest team among the four. The Huskies may be the strongest. Texas is good, very explosive. Their weakness is their secondary, which Mchael Penix should take advantage of. Ok, you force me to make a prediction. Washington will win 38-35 in an old-fashioned shootout. As for the Mariners, there we go again. Dipoto, with a limited payroll, is picking over the leftovers in free agency and trades and so far has weakened the club with his moves. But he has cut payroll by millions and that should please ownership. Young superstar Julio Rodriguez is looking around in centerfield and wondering what the heck is going on. Kelenic, his left fielder is gone, and Teo in right field is also gone. And one of the best defensive third baseman in baseball (Saurez) is also gone. Man, Dipoto has trimmed a roster that won 88 games last season and must be hoping for a wing and prayer answer to fielding a winning team in the 2024 season. That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

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