Broncos discovered who Russell Wilson was too late



TOP OF THE TOWN – I do not know how Russell Wilson got away with being entitled for so long. Maybe it was his frequent visits to Children’s hospital, or his charity events clouding who he really is. Buying a multi-million-dollar home should have given us a clue. Or his public positivity around teammates. It all seemed so phony, and apparently it was. He was surrounded by his own people, which put him in the eyes of many above his own teammates. He complained about being sacked too much and in his final days it leaked he wanted head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider fired. Instead, he got himself “fired”, traded to Denver. There is an interesting column by Jim Martiotti, legendary sportswriter, that clearly paints Wilson as someone who felt he was entitled. Wilson’s two-year time in Denver has been a disaster and the Broncos recently cut him, taking a huge financial hit in the process. The Broncos paid Wilson $124 million ‑ $85 million in dead cap money ‑ to win 11 games. The Broncos will pay Wilson $39 million to not play for them this next season. Martiotti wrote that if there wasn’t a contract, this would be embezzlement. Wilson has set the Broncos back years. The Broncos deserve some credit for it. They sold their “house” to buy Wilson from Seattle, but maybe they should have seen what we saw in the last years in Seattle – a player on the decline who believed he was entitled to all the riches he could grab. He’s now selling his two houses in Seattle for $36 and $25 million. Wilson might land in Pittsburgh Atlanta or Las Vegas, or even Minnesota, those are the teams needing a quarterback. Of course, these teams should adhere to Buyer Beware when deciding. Meanwhile, Martiotti writes, Wilson’s wife, Ciara, an entertainment queen — singer, songwriter, businesswoman – “could bring back,’I’m not going home with you. You won’t get no nookie for the cookies.’”