The rundown on the danger of Donald Trump



TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ Someone, and I am not going to tell you who, keeps complaining about my obsession with Donald Trump. There is a huge reason why I am obsessed with Trump, or fascist Trump as I call him. Trump is truly dangerous I recognized that a long time ago. He was hated in New York City. Way before prosecutors came down hard on him New Yorkers learned he was a fraud, a cheat, a bully. His learning came from the Mafia, who allowed Fred Trump, Donald’s dad, to build a real estate empire through quid pro quos – you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.  His attorney was the late Roy Cohen, described as “a snake, scoundrel and an SOB. From Cohen, an attorney for the Mafia, Trump learned to never say he lost, to never quit and double down on untruths. It’s said Trump has adopted Cohen’s abrasive, savage and amoral behavior. He also learned from Cohen to be unrepentant when it comes to getting what he wanted. Bottom line, Trump is not a good person. He also has been in the past a sexual predator; allegedly young girls were involved. His appetite for sex apparently is second only to money. He gained notoriety for screwing sub-contractor and lawyers out of money he owed them. He used the courts to help him, declaring bankruptcy five times. He is the biggest grifter there is, always inventing ways to take money from the unaware. He’s now selling sneakers and Bibles. He readily accepts evangelists that believe he is their gift from God. I think he is the gift from Satan. He has the ability to con people. He would be great as a greeter for the circus, the second-coming of P.T.  Barnum. Trump has no moral compass or empathy, and he operates into a reality than ours. In his reality he is king. There is nothing he can’t do. Rules, traditions and laws, including our Constitution, do not apply to him. The most dangerous part of him, however, is he’s learned from Putin and Orban of Hungry how to establish a dictatorship in our country. He already has remade the Republican National Committee, establishing his daughter-in-law as co-chair and only hiring election deniers. They are trying to slash voter rolls, getting rid of Democratic voters, in swing states, and are installing election deniers in swing state election systems, or threatening those that aren’t election deniers. Trump is also getting election deniers to run for important posts in various states. The weirdest one is Mark Robinson, who is running for North Carolina governor. Robinson has denied the Holocaust and has threatened to use his AR-15 against the government. Trump says the 2040 election is rigged. If it is, it is being rigged by him. My concern is if he loses again, which he should, he will resort to violence again. Only this time it will be much worse. If he wins, we will fall as a democracy and we all will suffer. That is it for today.

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