I find it very disturbing when I read comments from obvious Trump supporters. In fact, I get chills from most of them because they are not just limp supporters but are so passionate about their support that it’s to the point they will go to war to defend him.

Arguments usually ensue between pro-Trump and anti-Trump and no matter how obviously on solid ground the anti-Trump’s arguments are the pro-Trump people don’t bend. Facts mean nothing. Truth means nothing. Truth they declare is false news.

 My life has been long and full of surprises and curious turn of events and I have been religiously interested in politics and government from a very young age, but I have never experienced anything like this. A large percentage of our adult population voted for this guy even though reasonable people would say that it is impossible just based on his history of Trump being a bully, a thug, a crook, a racist, a misogynist, an accused rapist and a white nationalist.

 If you were to paint a word picture of somebody that nobody would want to be like it would describe Trump to a tee. There is nothing in his character, his history, and his life, that reasonable people, and I consider myself one of those, would like.

 Nothing, nothing, nothing.

 Yet, here he is, the President of the United States.

 Just today, Trump said something that tells you all you need to know about him. He said: “I think we’re probably in that position where we’ll just let ObamaCare fail. We’re not going to own it. I’m not going to own it. I can tell you the Republicans are not going to own it.”

Wow!! The President of the United States wants your health care to go away. Get sick, too bad. Die, too bad. Who cares about your health? Not him. But I didn’t expect anything else from this guy. He’s a horrible human being.

 But despite this and other things he’s done, the pro-Trump supporters love him and stick by him. It’s something I would have said is improbable, almost impossible, but it’s true, they stick by him. It’s like he could really go out on Fifth Avenue in New York City, shoot somebody and his supporters would clap and rejoice.


 What really, really, really gets me is that when his supporters defend him, they do it by blasting negative comments on the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, and Obama. They never talk about how bad Trump is, or how he is dismantling the government and regulations that make us all safe or by taking away our healthcare. No, they say Clinton is a crook and should be locked up and Obama’s presidency was a dark eight years that achieved nothing.

 But what does Clinton or Obama have to do with Trump? They are not president. Their argument is not an argument, it’s a smoke screen to cover up for Trump who is the worse president we have ever had, and he’s only six months into it. It’s like me arguing that your dog is horrible because the cat we all had did terrible things. It makes no sense. Their logic is irrational, unsound and unfounded.

 But that is their point. They have been brain-washed by Trump’s gigantic con. And his con continues. He and his family are reaping huge profits at the expense of the American public, including his supporters, yet his supporters love him because they can’t see past the con.

  Here’s what reasonable people know:

1.     He constantly lies. He cannot tell the truth.

2.      He is the most divisive president in our history. He goes only to states where his con worked magic on voters.

3.      He is not a leader. He has conceded leadership of the free world to others.

4.      He is pulling the United States back into the early 1900s with his protectionism and his nationalistic agenda. He will ruin the economy with this approach.

5.      Health care. Do I need say more on this?

6.     Instead of draining the swamp in D.C., he has filled it up with billionaires and   placed people in cabinet posts that are opposed to the posts they now run.

7.      He has not filled over 2,000 jobs in the government, including at the State Department, which puts the United States in a weaken state.

8.      He is attached to Russia through dirty money laundering and through loans that have rescued his failing financial empire and as a result he is secretly doing the bidding of Putin.

9.      He denies climate change is a danger to the planet when all the scientific evidence is to the contrary and has pulled the United States from the Paris Agreement.

10.          He spent millions of dollars putting on a fireworks display for the Chinese Leader whom he hosted in Florida. Those missiles fired upon a Syrian airport did nothing to hinder the Syrian Air Force who were warned along with the Russians that they were coming.

11.            He got rid of regulations on clean water and on coal mines that prevented them from polluting streams and destroying drinking water sources.

I’m not going on because it would take me another hour to write all the things he has done to damage us. He and his buddies, Steven Bannon and Stephen Miller are colluding to destroy our democracy by not filling vacancies in our government and by stripping safety protections and regulations that would help us.

Trump is not dumb. He knows what he’s doing. I do believe he is lazy and covers that up quite nicely by being able to talk and con and lie his way past problems. I once had an editor that was lazy, but had the ability to write his way out of trouble. Trump lies and cons his way out of trouble. And people who don’t know better believe his con.

 Because I have seen enough of Trump, it’s becoming more difficult for me to believe that he will be stopped from destroying us. He is too slippery to make a mistake bad enough that he can’t talk his way out of it. And he will always have a solid base of supporters who will go to war for him.

 This Russian investigation will come to nothing as long as the Republicans are in control of Congress because with him in the White House they can do whatever they want in imposing their conservative and alt-right agenda on America and will protect him.

 If he can shoot somebody and gain supporters because of it, how can we expect him to lose his job because of some guilt that comes out of this investigation?

 The interesting thing for me is whether Trump will fire Bob Mueller if Mueller gets too close to the truth. And you can bet your life, Trump is keeping close tabs on Mueller and what he is up to.

 Now, I’m depressed. So I’m going to go to the YMCA and see if a workout will help.

 Be well pal.

 Be careful out there.

 Have a great day.

 You are loved.