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 TOP OF THE TOWN – A book, “Earl: The Greatest Bowler of All Time” on the great Earl Anthony has been written by Barry Sparks. It’s the first biography on Anthony, who was 63 when he died in 2001.

These notes are taken from Luby Publishing, which put out the book and added some information on the great Anthony, who was a southpaw from Tacoma that dominated the Professional Bowling Association from 1970-83, winning 43 times, and was named in 2008 as the greatest player in the PBA’s 50-year history.

“It’s mystifying how any athlete who is considered the greatest in his sport could go this long without a biography,” said Sparks, a writer from York, Pa. “Imagine if there were no biographies of Hank Aaron, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Peyton Manning, Arnold Palmer or Jimmy Connors.”

Sparks thought it was an injustice, and he set out to rectify it. He spent two years interviewing people, researching and writing the biography.

Keith Hamilton, president of Luby Publishing, the world’s leading publisher of bowling periodicals, said, “As the years march on, the heroes of our game who were cherished by bowling fans will fade from memories and become less revered.  But bowlers like Anthony, Dick Weber, Carmen Salvino, Don Carter, Don Johnson and Billy Hardwick and others from the past should continue to be cherished and celebrated, much as Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio, Aaron and Mays are still revered by baseball fans. It’s my hope that Earl’s biography can help make that happen.”

Sparks says Earl Anthony was bowling’s unlikeliest superstar. He didn’t pick up a bowling ball until he was 21. He didn’t go on the PBA Tour full-time until he was 31, an age when many athletes’ careers are ending.

After winning three Player of the Year awards, he suffered a major heart attack in 1978. With a fierce determination, he returned to the lanes to win Player of the Year three more times. PBA founder Eddie Elias called Anthony’s feat “one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.”

Sparks takes a season-by-season look at Earl’s impressive career. He shares the challenges Anthony faced, the reasons he was able to enjoy unparalleled success, his greatest achievements and his frustrations.

The author interviewed more than 100 people, including 23 PBA Hall of Famers, to get a greater insight into the superstar, who defined greatness. Earl’s peers shared stories about his work ethic, competitiveness, adaptability, temper and humor.

The 293-page book can be ordered online at www.earlanthonybook.com

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