Donald Trump, I think we all can agree, is a very dangerous, unhinged man. He has a dangerous need to be first among equals – no, first among everybody – and believes in his heart that everything he does and says is not only the truth but must be adhered to as coming from the king of gods. In other words, there is no other truth. His is it.

Because he is first in everything he must demand loyalty from everybody. If you are not loyal you are his enemy and must be attacked, if not destroyed. To make sure everybody understands, it is he and only he that can save us, can fix us, can ruin us, can do anything to us without there being a hint of rebellion. You do what he says, or else.

And don’t underestimate him. He understands what he is, what he is doing, and understands where you stand – which is way below him. Anybody who works for him must understand this. You are nothing but a tool for his pleasure or displeasure, depending on the mood. This is particularly true of women. They are useful for his pleasure, and nothing more.

He must, thus, control everything. Which is why he reached out to special counsel Bob Mueller investigating the Russian connection with the Trump campaign and election. He wants to control Mueller and in order to do that he must establish a relationship and then demand loyalty. I don’t believe that is working, but it’s an indication of how Trump operates. He reaches out, establishes a connection and then becomes demanding or else.

Having him as president presents a very clear danger to our democracy because he believe he is first among not just equals but first above everybody, including God. He is, in his own mind, god.

To bolster his claim as god he will continue to hold rallies to strengthened his base of followers, will continue to build Trump News and continue his alliance with alt-right and religious groups that see in him a strongman that will carry out their dreams of a white, Christian nationalistic government that will protect them from those who are not white, Christian or legal citizens.

Free press must go. There is only one free press and that is the press that carries his messages, which as we know are full of bluster and lies. He is in effect carving out a Putin-like grip on our country that will destroy our freedoms, liberty and justice as our founding fathers envisioned.

I am amused by Trump’s bluster toward North Korea. Deep down, Trump is an insecure coward that couldn’t punch is way out of a wet paper bag. The more he tries to portray himself as the king of kings the more he exposes that insecurity and that yellow stripe running down his back.

But don’t underestimate his ability to con. He has a large percentage of our population believing in him. He’s a modern Hitler preaching a false narrative and they eat it up. They, being the dumbest of the dumb among us.

What is frightening to me is I can’t see how he can be stopped. Now there is a poll out that shows half of the people claiming to be Republican would go along with him if he wanted to stop the 2020 election from happening.

Wow, how stupid are they?

The Democratic leadership and the party better get their act together soon or we will be a party of one with Trump the Fraud as its king. Trump is already attacking the Republican Party, so that is next on the do-list of Bannon, Miller and Trump. Take the R’s out, abolish the legislative branch, take control of the justice branch and, presto, you have our dictatorship. And believe me, it is easier to do than not.

It looks to me like we are headed toward a reordering of the world order with Russia and American taking control through devious informational age means (hacking and propaganda through social media outlets as well as Russian and American control of the media) and the rest of the world having to submit to them.

I will continue to speak out in resistance, but I’m just a speck of dust on a wide and long beach. Not many people are hearing me and it’s unlikely many others will. But I will not give up fighting this demagogue and his evil allies because to do otherwise is to submit to the evil.

We are battling against an uncommon foe who doesn’t engage in normal rules. You can’t fight evil using the common tools. You must fight fire with fire and get into his reality and attack with vigor. Remember, he is at his core an insecure coward that uses bluster and the con to persuade those dumb enough. So we must attack those supporters and discredit them or turn them around. Fight them not with pitchforks, but with words of truth.

So the battles rage on. Good versus evil. God help us.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.