If you have an doubts about the darkness that Donald Trump continuously spews than the delay of 48 hours it took him before he finally denounced the KKK, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists for what happened in Virginia should have erased them.

Trump rode into the White House on the strength of his support from these groups, whom he actively and very openly recruited in his presidential campaign. He showed his colors – his racism, his hatred, and his darkness – all through the campaign and before he ran for office. And the more he showed his colors the more people roared their approval of him, awakening in America darkly held secrets that once were openly a part of our sociality life ‑ especially in the South – that led us to go to war among ourselves in a conflict called the Civil War which cost 620,000 men being killed, or two percent of our then population.

The South lost that war, but its smell and its memories are still very much evident and very much alive across states below the Mason-Dixon Line and with the rise of Trump those hatreds have come back into the open. He has given them permission to do so by his very conduct, whether it’s expressed or just by ignoring the obvious racism, which he did for 48 hours this past weekend.

How in God’s name did we elect a man who is such a dark soul, if indeed he even has a soul? He showed all of us who he was early on in the campaign and yet we elected him. How can that be?

Do your research on this man. Go back to his youth where he learned his real estate dealings from a father (Fred) who was as racist as any slave owner in the pre-Civil War South. He has added other dark secrets in his long trail of misconduct and illegal dealings, including numerous charges of sexual conduct, law-breaking, cheating sub-contractors, bankruptcies and a general lack of empathy and love for his fellow man that leads to another bankruptcy – morals.

Did I mention that he is the biggest conman in history? His lies would fill the Grand Canyon.

Still, you voted for him.


Now, of course, you are going to pay the piper. As we who didn’t vote for him will as well.  He is a very black smudge on America. The world is going to be much more dangerous with him around. He will not make America Great Again. It was already great before he was elected. America was a beacon of hope for millions of displaced and millions more that had dreams of a better life.

But that is no more. The light on the beacon has gone dark. America is sinking fast as a place of freedom, liberty and justice and its leadership as a place of decency where dreams could be achieved.

Trump’s darkness is spreading beyond Virginia and oceans, and the world shudders as Trumpism attempts to close our borders, retreat from international treaties and alliances and stifle trade with tariffs on imports while threatening military intervention, including with the nuclear option.

What is frightening is that we can’t just replace him and the world will be safer. No, that won’t work because look at who is second, third and fourth in line of succession should he be removed.

So where do we go from here?

Well, we have to hope Bob Mueller will be allowed to finish his investigation into the Russian influence not just into our election but in Trump himself. There is little doubt that the Russians have bought and paid for Trump. They saved his financial empire and effectively purchased our government at the top.

Now what do they want in return?

What have they already gotten?

The world waits for Mueller’s answer.

In the meantime, the darkness continues to creep into our lives. The South has risen again. Violence is back on the menu. Where will it erupt again?

God help us.

For more on this topic, go to: http://www.thedailybeast.com/donald-trump-and-the-second-southern-redemption

Sorry to put you through this darkness. It’s a bright day in the Pacific Northwest today, so step outside, take a deep breath and enjoy. In the meanwhile:

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.