Boy, future psychologists will have a field day when they dissect Donald Trump. He is a fascinating study because he is such a dark human being and, yet, has risen to the highest office in the land.  I’m sure they will spend countless hours, days, months and years debating him, his character and how he managed to gain control of a democracy and bend it to his will.

My own theory of the Donald is not so kind. He is as we all know, or should know by now ‑ many don’t because he has them conned – is a very evil man that is morally bankrupt, a racist, a fascist, a thug, a bully, a cheat, a grand narcissist, a liar, a conman, full of hate and a sexual predator all rolled into darkness.

He is also very dark. Very, very dark.

Darkness is a common trait that we all have. Yes, we do, so don’t laugh. There has only been one man that has walked this earth that has been pure and full of the light, at least as far as I know and as far as history teaches us. And that man is Jesus.

So let me explain this further.

My belief is that we are all born in goodness. Some will argue that, no, man can be born evil. I reject that. We come here on earth with goodness in our heart from the moment we are born. I contend that we come here over and over, which means I believe in reincarnation. I know Christianity rejects that, but I believe we do repeatedly come back to earth and the reason we do is to have the chance of improving our soul (or not).

Once here we are gambling with Free Will. God allows us to make our own choices and those choices we make can either advance us toward perfection (the stated goal of being reborn) or send us backward away from perfection.

Free Will allowed me to drive my dad’s DeSoto 140 miles an hour down the Kickerville Road in Whatcom County while God probably watched in horror. It allowed me to walk on a thin board atop an empty silo on a farm where I worked as a young boy. It allowed me to dive off a railroad trestle into a creek 50 feet below as a young teenager. In other words, it allowed me to be stupid.

It’s tough to advance spiritually and improve your soul in a world where so much is going on and at any moment you could be hit on the head by a brick falling off a tall building. That also is Free Will.

I remember having weekly hour-long conversations with my pastor and when I left I literally would be walking on air. I felt so good. But a half-mile down the road in my car life would come crashing down on me and my feet would hit the ground with a loud thud. Free Will was barging in on me again.

There are advanced souls living among us and the instant you meet them you realize they are advance because there is so much truth, so much light surrounding them. I have met maybe one in my life. I worked with Ernie in Oklahoma in the years just after graduating from Western Washington State College. Ernie was full of light. He wasn’t perfect, but he was getting close. He was so giving and did so without any hidden agenda.

But we all have dark sides. Even Ernie. It’s just a matter of percentage. Think of your soul as 100 percent when it’s perfect and then try to guess what percentage you are. You know yourself like nobody else so you should know.

Follow me here: I believe we all come here with stated goals in mind. That would be a life path you have chosen before you arrive as a new-born. Once you are born you lose the ability to know the path you have chosen. However, you sub-consciously know when you are on it.

For example, I believe I was off my life path for at least 30 years. I was doing well for my first 12 years and then my mother die, my father remarried a year later and at the same time we moved from New York to this state.

That rocked my life and I fell off the wagon, so to speak. I entered what I now refer to as my dark years. I won’t go into them again here, but I was lost, emotionally, mentally and physically for about a dozen years, although I have to admit I loved my five years at Western Washington during that time.

It took the death of Junior, our granddaughter, in 1989, for me to be shocked back on my life path. I went through a year of soul searching and finally had what I call a spiritual awakening that jolted me back on my life path.

When I inspect myself, and I do that often, I feel like I’m around 60-65 percent of light on the 100 percent scale. That’s not great, but it’s a welcomed place for me to be right now.

So if I have 65 percent of light, there has to be 35 percent of dim light or darkness, right?  I don’t feel I have any real bad darkness. I’m not a killer. In fact, I have a hard time killing anything, even a spider, and as I have gotten old I realize the important of the social life of birds, animals and, yes, even ants, of which we have a few in our house.

Because of Free Will, however, some people can allow the darkness to overwhelm their souls. The most famous I can think of off the top of my head is Jeffrey Dahmer, who was known as the Milwaukee Cannibal.

A person’s darkness doesn’t always mean they are a Dahmer. Darkness can be almost anything. I had a couple close friends who were addicted gamblers. They would get their paychecks and were determined to lose it all as quickly as possible, and usually succeeded. That is a form of darkness in their personality.

That darkness we all have prevents us in ways big and small from advancing to what God intends – perfection and melding back into God. Too much of the darkness can force us backward in our search for perfection.

That leads me to Donald Trump. He is really, really dark. His darkness is on display almost every day, either through his tweets or his emotional outburst in his limited press conferences.

His campaign was built on darkness. He attacked all his opponents, people at his rallies and he verbally tore down this country (to be able to say he would fix it). His hatred comes through like water easily flowing from a hose. And looking at his background, it has always been there. His businesses were built on those he cheated from bankers to small sub-contractors.

Trump is so dark he’s not comfortable in the light. He has to have chaos and conflict around him to feel comfortable. He has to have unsafe boarders, illegal immigrants committing crimes, Mexicans being rapists, countries cheating America on trade, Senators and House members not doing their jobs and media lying.

In other words, he needs enemies. He needs a lot of them so he can feel good about himself.

He can’t see light. He can’t see the good in somebody that is captured and tortured and somebody protesting against anything, even neo-Nazis. They are bad people. Sad!!

Where did Trump get so much darkness? If I’m right and we are all born in goodness, where did Trump go wrong? He had to learn to be dark, probably from his dad Fred to start. And it was built on from there.

I don’t feel sad for Trump. He will get judged once he crosses back to the other side. But his darkness is casting a long dark shadow on us and American and the world and if he continues down the path he has chosen it will get even worse for us and for America and the world.

The only thing I would wish right now is that some of the leaders in Congress would use their light to shine on the darkness of Trump. Men of darkness like Trump can’t bear to have a bright light fixed on them. It will chase them away.

Thank God there is a lot of light outside right now. So go and enjoy it. Light is good.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.