This is another update on Dave Ryles (formerly Pyles), a 1969 East Bremerton High School graduate and three-sport athlete.  It’s a heartbreaking time for all that love Ryles as he struggles through a stroke and other complications.


By Patti Ryles


For me, these journal updates are getting harder and harder because I’d love to tell everyone about the progress Dave is making but he really isn’t.  He has good days and bad, sometimes he sleeps all day other days he’s more alert.  There are small improvements.  He rode the exercise bike for 10 minutes the other day but was so exhausted he was asleep before he got back to his room.  He does have most of the movement back on his left side but it is still very weak.  His progress has been so minimal that his insurance company, Premera, who was supposed to cover 2 months of the nursing facility has stopped paying as of last week after only 3 weeks of coverage.  Dave hasn’t progressed enough for their standards so they have stopped paying

He’s still the kind, thoughtful and generous man we have all known and loved for so many years but mentally the memory and comprehension just aren’t there.  He does well remembering things that happened 20 years ago but simply doesn’t understand anything in the present, doesn’t understand that he’s sick.  With me he’ll tell me how miserable he is, he just wants to go home and doesn’t understand why  he can’t.  He’ll ask me “what are we doing tonight” and I’ll gently remind him he can’t go anywhere and it’s so heartbreaking to watch his face because again he doesn’t understand he’s sick and why I get to leave and he doesn’t.  The only thing that cheers him up are visitors and dogs, it doesn’t even matter whose dog.

Those of you who have visited, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Those who haven’t, I totally understand and Dave would too.  It’s very hard to see anyone in Dave’s condition and because we love him, it’s even harder.  Please keep the prayers going.  Thank you, Patti