My first impressions of the Seattle Seahawks first preseason football game is that the quality of depth is lacking big-time. After the first team moved right down the field to score on its first drive, things got really sloppy and I lost interest real fast.

As a side note, I thought the Indianapolis Colts looked pretty good. They were excited and aggressive to be playing. I didn’t see the same from the Seahawks.

All during the off-season I kept thinking what happens to the Seahawks if Russell Wilson gets injured and is out for the season? Backup Austin Davis looked good until he inexplicitly threw a pass into a crowd of Colts in the end zone that even a fifth-grader would have been shouting, “Don’t throw it, don’t throw it.” But he did and it was an easy interception that blew up what was a good drive orchestrated by Davis.

I can’t imagine the Seahawks playing most of the season with Davis and or rookie Alex McGough as the quarterbacks. A season that a lot of experts say will be a long season for the Seahawks would immediately get a lot longer.

It seems to be to be pretty obvious that the Seahawks will keep Brandon Marshall as a key wide receiver. And I say that because Wilson and Marshall have reportedly been working out together and during Thursday night’s game with the Colts each sideline shot I saw had Wilson and Marshall standing next to each other and chatting. If Wilson likes Marshall, there is no way Marshall gets waived.

I, like everybody else on the planet, like what I saw in Shaquem Griffin, the one-handed linebacker who should be the model for all handicapped people. He was impressive in his first game as a pro football player and if he can continue that will be a breakout star.

Griffin’s handicap reminds me of Jim Abbott who was born without a right hand, yet pitched in the Major Leagues for 11 seasons, pitching a no-hitter in 1993 while with the Yankees.

I also liked the play of safety Bradley McDougald. He was all over the field, much like the way we have seen Earl Thomas do for the Seahawks. Thomas, however, is holding out and likely, in my view anyway, not play for the Seahawks again.

And, yes, rookie defensive end Rasheem Green from USC, played really, really well in his first pro game. He had 1.5 sacks (including one on Andrew Luck) and seven tackles. I don’t think anybody expected that kind of effort from the 6-4, 279-pound Green, so that is good news in what was a 19-17 defeat.

By the time the back end of the 90- man roster was in the game, I was looking to turn the TV channel to the Pawn Stars or American Pickers. Man the roster from 53 players to 90 is really, really thin with talent. I hope Pete Carroll can find a decent 10 out of that group for the practice squad.

You know it’s sad, really sad, that a guy like C.J. Prosise can’t stay healthy. The third-year running back from Notre Dame is really talented, but is injury prone. He was held out of the Colts’ game with a hip-flexor problem. This has been going on since he got to Seattle. Maybe it’s time to let him go.

Next up for the Seahawks is an August 18 game at the Los Angeles Chargers. Game time is 7 p.m. and will be shown on Fox Channel 1).