Back to the Boneyard today to get rid of some of my overwhelming thoughts that can bring on a headache. So first we will go to Farmingdale, NY and Bethpage Black Course where the magic of Tiger Woods is not so magical.

One of my pet peeves is hordes of fans cheering loudly for Tiger. I don’t get it. I would rather see him lose, as he did today (Friday, May 17) when he failed to make the cut at the PGA Championship by shooting a five-over 145 for the first two days of the prestigious golf tournament.

I know he was razor-focused for the Masters and that enable him to win in a close competition, and rightly so thousands cheered that Tiger finally broke a long streak and won a major, his 15th, three behind the Bear, Jack Nicklaus, who holds the all-time record.

It wouldn’t bother me if Tiger never won a golf tournament again, much less a major. It’s my personality that thinks this way. I see a guy with major talent in any sport and my personality is to beat him. Now I’m the world’s worse golfer, so beating anybody on the golf course was never going to happen for me, much to my chagrin.

But in my younger days I loved the competition and relished the chance to go against the best. If I played well, and you beat me good for you. But it was always enjoyable for me to give it a try.

I remember one summer while I was going to college, a bunch of us played a game of pickup football. Tackle football. No pads, no nothing. One young punk, a kid who had a world of talent but no class, blindsided me and knocked me ass over tea cups. I jumped up and asked him why he did that, and it was on the other side of the action, away from the football. To this day, I wish I had punched him out.

In another pickup football game, the star QB on the high school football team was carrying the ball and had a clear field to score. Instead, he turned left and ran right at me, a big smile on his face. I was so taken by surprise I ducked away and let him go. I’m still mad I did that, even though I would have been in an uncomfortable position to make the tackle. And this guy was a friend of mine.

Brooks Koepka has a seven-stroke lead in the PGA Championship after two rounds with Adam Scott and Jordan Speith in second place.

You know, Federal Way’s six-foot-11 Jaden McDaniels still has not announced where he is going to school. Reportedly, his picks are down to Washington and Kentucky. I’m tired of hearing about him. He is holding out beyond what is expected. If he can’t give a commitment to his in-state school, I say screw him. Let him go to Kentucky.  He’s only going to be in college one year, anyway. He’s a one-and-done player.

If I had as much talent, I would stick around college for just one year, too. There is too much money to be made by these kids in the NBA to take classes for four years and risk injury on the court.

But something has to be done to stop these kids from pretending to go to classes. If they are good enough to play in the NBA and McDaniels probably is, let them go to the NBA out of high school. Let’s stop making a mockery of college.

Andre Iguodala made a hell of a play on Damian Lillard last night to give Golden State the win and a two-game lead in their NBA Western Conference finals. Iguodala could have been called for a foul before Lillard went up with a 3-point shot, but that would not have helped Portland, which trailed 114-111. The ‘Blazers needed a three and when Lillard went up to shoot it, Iguodala blocked it, took the ball and dribbled away. It was a clean block.

The Warriors are playing without their top scorer, Kevin Durant, who will miss the entire series with a strained calf muscle. But what I see is a more team-oriented Warriors team without Durant. I especially like Draymond Green. The 6-fot-7 Green, who plays with triple-A passion and emotion, is always on the verge of getting into a fight and getting ejected from the game. But what he does is almost unbelievable, from his defense, rebounding, and his passing and full-court drives to the hoop. I keep waiting for a fight to erupt, but so far so good.

Milwaukee has a Babe Ruth in its baseball lineup. Centerfielder Christian Yelich has 18 home runs in 41 games. That is a pace for 71 home runs. He has 15 of those dingers at home in Miller Park where his OPS is 1.665 in 19 games.

Speaking of baseball, the Seattle Mariners are a middle-of-the-road triple-A team masquerading as a major league club.

That’s enough for today.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.