So if you look at the final results of the Women’s College World Series you can make a strong case (and I will) that Washington could have been the 2019 champions.

The Huskies lost to UCLA 3-0 on a walk-off home run in the 10th inning of their semifinal game and UCLA won the World Series by blasting Oklahoma 16-3 and 5-4 in the best of three series final.

Go back to that UCLA loss and you will see that the Huskies had numerous chances to win the game before it went extra innings in a scoreless tie. That they didn’t is based on two things – one, the Huskies had no power hitters other than Morganne Flores, who belted 23 home runs in a 61-game season (52-9 record).  They were a bunch of punch-and-Judy hitters that relied on excellent defense and the strong 1-2 pitching of Gabbie Plain and Taran Alvelo. They left so many runners stranded in the World Series they could be sued for non-support.

But punch-and-Judy hitting worked as the Huskies tied UCLA for the Pac-12 regular season championship with a 20-4 record and pushed their way into the World Series where they lost their opener to Arizona 3-1 (Arizona finished the Pac-12 campaign with a 19-5 record) and then defeated Minnesota and Oklahoma State to run into UCLA.

The second point is that I could see against Minnesota that Plain should never throw her stupid change-up. She has extraordinary spin on the ball that makes it hard for hitters to pick up and overpowered batters as long as she didn’t throw her change, which was a meatball waiting to be devoured. And, to tell you the truth, she did abandon it when it became obvious it was a big ol’ meatball.

But then the weird thing happened. I did not see her throw one change against UCLA, which was good. Until, the 10th inning with two out and two runners on in the bottom of the inning and two-time national player of the year at Rachel Garcia at bat. Plain had two strikes on Garcia, and thus was one strike away from the Huskies going to the 11th inning still tied.

Then, for some reason, Plain threw her meatball, and Garcia just devoured the heck out of it, hitting it into the leftfield bleachers for a walk-off home run. The pitches are called from the dugout, so I can’t blame Plain for throwing it. But if I had got a signal to throw my change in that situation I would have called a time out and asked, “Are you freakin’ crazy?”

If the Huskies were going to get beat, I would want them to get beat with Plain throwing her best pitch. The change was not even close to her best pitch. It was the worst. It was a meatball.



When are we going to get rid of this unqualified, illegitimate President? Man, I’m getting sick watching what is happening to our country with this rogue running around and committing criminal acts daily. He’s defying subpoenas or is ordering people to defy them and he’s doing what he has done all his adult life, and that is use the courts to run out the clock on people who sue him or use the courts to ruin people who can’t afford to defend themselves.

He once said he is the king of debt. Well, he’s the king of suits. He never goes away. He sues you or outlasts you in court battles. He’s the pest in high school who doesn’t know he’s not wanted and just keeps coming along and making a nasty scene.

We are so used to his lying, that it’s become normal to us. But his lying goes to lengths I have never seen. He lies in the full face of evidence to the contrary. He was on TV in London Tuesday telling British and American views that he was being cheered by thousands on the streets when it was clearly as plain as the nose on your face that the thousands on the streets were protesting his visit and screaming for him to go home.

This is a man that not only is delusional but is sick in the head. The new book out by Michael Wolff describes traitor Trump as a man indifferent to his own kids. Apparently, he doesn’t even speak to his youngest son, Barron, and his wife and Barron don’t live at the White House. They live in a house his wife brought for her parents in Maryland.

If I had a father like him, I would probably grow up crazy as a loon. Fortunately, my dad was a very good person who always did what was right while interacting with other people.

Traitor Trump is a Looney Tune, and he needs to be tuned out. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams that he can get enough votes, legally of course, to have a second term. There aren’t enough people nuts enough in our country to vote for him. Only a Russian intervention in the election will get him reelected, and that may be possible because the Republicans have refused to supply money to protect our election. Republican leadership must know something. They must have a secret pact with Putin to fix our election in favor of the Mad One.

I pray to God a lot. I’m hoping God is listening to them because we need divine intervention to oust this monster.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.