I am about to read a second book on traitor Trump – Michael Wolff’s Siege: Trump Under Fire – but I think I already have a good grasp on the traitor from reading Rick Reilly’s book “Commander in Cheat”, which explains him in terms of his fanatic love of golf.

In simple terms, the traitor was raised to feel he was better than anybody else and was entitled to have whatever he wanted. He slams others for being elitists, but he is the one who is elitist. He can’t stand anything that is not the best and plasters most things he owns in gold, or mostly fake gold, and claims whatever it is is the best, the most wonderful.

As a person who feels he is entitled, he does damn well what he pleases, whether it’s breaking all the rules in golf from taking his golf cart, which is souped-up to be faster than any other cart, onto greens, which is a big no-no, but not to him.

His entitlement is spread to everything he does in life, to screwing contractors, banks, everyday people and the citizens of the United States as the most powerful man in the world. He pays off his billionaire friends with huge tax breaks and believes with every fiber in his body that he can best any dictator in the world with his charm and his con.

The traitor just fired the people who leaked an internal poll that shows him behind major Democratic contenders, and that fits in with his character: Nobody is better than him in polls and soon you will see his own polls showing him beating the devil out of his opponents (they will be false, but that is the way he rolls).

I laughed the other day when he said, “My supporters want me to have more than two terms” as President. That also is in keeping with his entitlement character. He can’t stand the thought of not being President now that he is. So he makes up things to show “Many people” want him to continue on.

You need to know that this is a man who isn’t going to help you (unless you are a major donor to his campaign). He will run right over you and not miss a heartbeat. He doesn’t care about you, or me, and will crush you like a sledgehammer coming down on an orange. Get in his way and he will sue your butt until you can’t take it anymore and give up.

Beware: He never gives up.



So Anthony Davis is now joining LeBron James in La-LA Land and early predictions by experts suddenly have the Lakers the favorite to win the 2020 NBA championship.

Hog wash.

It takes more than two superstars to win the big dance. They may tap dance around it, but there are better complete teams in the league – Toronto with Leonard, Milwaukee Bucks and still the Warriors even without Kevin Durant – and I wouldn’t bet against any of the others.

What I enjoy about the trade with the Davis trade is that the Pelicans now get to deal with Lonzo Ball’s madman dad, who blasted the Lakers for dealing sway his son from La-LA Land.

Go get ‘em dad.



When’s the last time you remembered a baseball team trading away the league’s home run leader? Just what I thought.

Edwin Encarnacion is now a New York Yankee where he will be their designated hitter. He has 21 home runs and in a more favorable hitting park may hit close to 50 for the season.

The only thing I can do is take a deep breath and hope Jerry Dipoto is doing the right thing by dismantling the Mariners to make it better by 2021. If he is wrong, goodbye Jerry.

I give Dipoto credit. He’s got guts to do this. But hoping the prospects you get back in deals will one day become stars on the major stage is like hoping you win the lottery to get out of the serious debt you are in. It can happen, but rarely does.

So take that deep breath, sit back and watch and see which way this falls.




So the boxing showman that is Tyson Fury, a 6-foot-9, 260-pound freak of nature, has got the fight game buzzing with his Muhammad Ali-like movements and the speed of his hands.

He’s a kind of a media dandy with his antics and maybe he is the one that will mend the heavyweight boxing game that has been overtaken by MMA in recent years.

Fury kind of takes me back to Jess Willard, who was supposed to be too big and too good for Jack Dempsey. Willard was 6-foot-6.5 tall and weighed  and 240 pounds when he got in the ring on Independence day in 1919 in Toledo, Ohio against the six-foot-one, 190-pound Dempsey, who some say was the greatest heavyweight of all time.

Dempsey didn’t treat the Pottawatomie Giant (which is what Willard was nicknamed) well. Dempsey knocked Willard down for the first time in his long boxing career in the first round and then knocked him down another seven times in the round.

Willard, who suffered a broken nose, had four teeth knocked out, a broken jaw, broken ribs, lost of hearing in one ear and cuts and bruises, fought another two rounds but didn’t come out for the fourth round.

I have seen some old footage of Dempsey fighting and, man, was he slow of foot. But he packed TNT in his fists. You can’t compare fighters of different eras, but if I had to bet I would pick Ali over Dempsey, but it would be something to behold.

Wouldn’t you like to see a round-robin tournament involving Ali, Dempsey, Rocky Marciano, Joe Louis, Jack Johnson and Sam Langford?

I would.

Langford was just five-foot-seven and half inches tall and 185 pounds, but he knocked out 126 fighters in his 178 wins.




I see where Thriller track and field coach Glenn Wachtman says Deyondre Davis broke the South Kitsap school record in the 110 hurdled at the Brooks PR Meet at the University of Washington.

That’s not what I have. My records indicate that Roger Cooper of South Kitsap holds the school record and the all-time West Sound record of 14.14. Davis tied that with a 14.14.

But Davis, a senior next school year, is amazing. He should be able to get under 14 seconds next season, if not this summer. That is quite a feat, if he does it.  My hat is off to him.


Be well pal

Be careful out there

Have a great day

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