TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ I saw where one odds-maker  Fivethirtyeight.com says the Seahawks have a 30 percent chance of making the NFL playoffs. I disagree. I put their chances at zero. C’mon, the Seahawks currently 7-7 and one spot out of the last Wild Card has to play at the Chiefs this Saturday and home with the surprisingly tough Jets Jan.1.  They won’t win either game. They then host the stumbling Rams on Jan.8, which is not guaranteed a win but I will give them it. That will put the Seahawks final record at 8-9, which is about what we expected from this season. Let’s say by a minor miracle they do the unexpected and make the playoffs, meaning they would need to win at least one of the games against the Chiefs and Jet and then beat the Rams to finish 9-8. Do you then expect them to win a first-round game on the road against the four teams they would possibly face – Minnesota, San Francisco, Dallas or Philadelphia?  I don’t like to be a naysayer. But I’m realistic, the Seahawks haven’t shown they can stop the run, the offensive line can’t find running room for its running backs, especially Kenneth Walker III, and now Tyler Lockett is out with a broken finger that needed surgery. You tell me how they win with all that going against them?  The good news is Denver is 4-10 so as it stands now the Seahawks will get the Broncos third pick in the first round of the next draft. Thanks for that goes to Russell Wilson. His play this year has been awful and the Broncos finally won Sunday (Dec. 18) without Wilson, who was sidelined with a concussion. … I think Tom Brady will hang up his spikes when the curtain comes down on this season. He doesn’t look as good as he once did. He already has dialed in his legacy as the GOAT, so I don’t know what he is chasing now. Time to go home Tom, count your vast pile of money and take care of your kids. I thought the Washington Commanders had a chance to be playoff spoilers until they were beaten Sunday by the Giants. That really surprised me. It also surprised me that Brady and the Bucs committed four turnovers to lose to Mr. Cool (Joe Burrow) and the Bengals after taking a quick 17-0 lead. I can’t figure out the Vegas Raiders. They look good to me, but are 6-8. They punished the Seahawks when they met and appear to me to be good enough to be a division leader. There were two things good about the Dallas Cowboys losing to the Jaguars. One, sports shock jock Skip Bayless had his beloved Cowboys lose. Bayless is unapologetic in his love for the Cowboys. He goes on and on about  ‘My Cowboys” as if he owns them. I love it when they lose just to watch Bayless struggle to defend them. The second part about it is the Jaguars are coached by Doug Pederson, son of a former friend of mine, Gordy Pederson, who was a year ahead of me at Ferndale High School. I played football and basketball against and with Gordy, who was built like a brick bleephouse. Gordy was a very good guy that married the girl who lived across the street from me in Ferndale. He was a great football player and was good in basketball. Gordy died 6 years ago in Monroe, LA. Doug was a multi-sports all-state player who has gone one to have a career I’m sure his dad was proud of. So I love it when one of Doug’s teams win. That’s enough for today. Stay safe.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.