TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ John Bolton’s book exposes what the majority of Americans have known: Trump is unfit to be President. Think about this. In the world’s most powerful country and supposedly most democratic voters elect somehow a man that should never be within a thousand miles of power because he not only is inept, but criminal in nature. I have written this several times, but it is like letting the fox into the chicken coop. Nothing good will ever come of that. Everything Trump does he does for himself. He bribes or attempts to bribe at every turn (he wanted China to buy American farm products because, he said, it would help him win electoral votes), uses quid pro quos just as a second nature and uses the power of the office of President as his own, crushing dissent and perceived enemies. Bolton says in the book that Trump believes he is the state and has absolute power to do what he wants. It’s an abuse of power that is remarkable to the extend he exercises it. He is woefully uniformed (He didn’t know Great Britain was a nuclear power and thought Finland was part of Russia) and doesn’t listen to or read the daily briefings all Presidents get to get informed. It’s like we have P.T. Barnum as President. A lot of chest pounding, lies, propaganda and false marketing is going on and the only thing left to add is the clowns and the three-ring circus. Trump is taking this three-ring circus to lily-white Oklahoma this weekend to do what he does best – pound his chest, lie and market himself – while the country is burning, blacks are being found hanging from trees and a pandemic that he dismisses as disappearing rages on, especially in Oklahoma. I have heard that some Trump supporters will continue to vote for him despite all the horrible things they know about him because he is making them money with a good economy. Well, the economy is now in the dumpster and we are officially in a depression with 40 million of us out of work. But that doesn’t deter this P.T. Barnum. He just ignores the evidence, lies and says everything is good and beautiful as he heads to a state where in 1921 whites went on a killing rampage against blacks in the Greenwood District of Tulsa. Greenwood Avenue was then known as the Negro Wall Street and the killing was apparently started when a black teenager stepping into an elevator downtown accident stepped on the foot of the white female operator and she screamed. When a Tulsa newspaper printed a story on the incident with an editorial titled, “To Lynch Negro Tonight” the scene was set for what happened next. A mob of whites descended on the Tulsa courthouse where the teenager was taken after he was arrested and a group of black World War I veterans faced off with the mob. The battle was on. Soon, hundreds of whites moved on Greenwood and assisted by airplanes that dropped kerosene bombs the district was destroyed and an estimated 300 blacks were killed and more than 10,000 blacks were left homeless. Survivors have told of black bodies being loaded on trains and dumped off bridges into the Arkansas River. It was “The Night Tula Burned” and now another white is going to descend on the area to pound his chest and proclaim all is good (it’s not).  I don’t find it a coincidence that Trump is going to have one of his theaters of absurd rallies in Tulsa. He doesn’t need to make an appearance in the state to win it in November. It’s a white Republican state that overwhelmingly voted for him in 2016. So why is here going there? Originally, he was going there on Friday (June 19), but prominent blacks protested because that is the day blacks celebrate Juneteenth, their independence from slavery, so Trump moved it to Saturday (June 20). Slaves officially became free on June 19, 1985 when Union Army General Gordon Granger read in Galveston, Texas the proclamation that all enslaved persons in the United States were now free. I don’t know what Trump is up to in Oklahoma, all I know for sure it has to do with him and reelection. It’s always about him, You, he could care less about. He wants your vote and then wants you to get lost while he continues to degrade our status in the world and skim billions of our taxpayer money off to give to his wealthy buddies and large corporations and to his family while thousands die from the virus, blacks are hung from trees, cities are struck with protesters fighting against injustice for blacks and for racial equality and small business across our nation reel from or close down from the virus. All I can add is that if you don’t vote against this criminal and his Republican enablers in the House and Senate you are no different than Trump. We have to vote blue to save our country.