TOP OF THE TOWN – Writers are still trying to figure out what the Seahawks will do next, and if they can add one superstar stud to make them a viable Super Bowl Contender. Assuming the NFL opens on schedule, I don’t think you (or me) can predict with any certainly what teams are true Super Bowl contenders. Football is such a violent sport that injuries play a major role in a team’s march toward the playoffs. Can you predict for certainly that Russell Wilson will survive the 2020 season without a major injury? Of course not. And if he was injured and lost for the season in an early game what do you think that would do to their season? There is some certainly to that question. One writer is suggesting that by adding Jamal Adams, a pro bowl safety that has asked the Jets to trade him, the Seahawks automatically become a Super Bowl contender. I don’t think so. First of all, the Seahawks would be adding a stud player to a position that is already strong. So how much stronger does Adams make them? They would also have to give up a lot to get him. Please, don’t insult my intelligence. Adams is not a key to Seahawks’ success. What the Seahawks need is a more explosive offense and better pass rushing. Adding Jadeveon Clowney would help the latter. The offense could be more explosive if the Seahawks would let Wilson loose. Let him fling it. Quit  trying to be the best running team in the league. The NFL game is a grip it and rip it league (Super Bowl champion Kansas City being the best at that). Pete Carroll likes to control the tempo, keep the game moving along at a solid pace with a running game and have Wilson, the master of comebacks, pour it on late to get wins, most of them last year with seven points or fewer. So my answer is to open up the offense and forget about adding Adams. Blow people out. No more three-point wins. I like 30-point victories. … Major League baseball appears headed for a 60 or 70-game season. I do not have a stomach for a shorten baseball schedule. Bag the balls up and come back next spring when the virus might be under control. You play a 60-game schedule as owners have proposed and what do you get? Maybe a Seattle-Cincinnati World Series? Cmon, get real. Baseball teams need a six-month season to sort themselves out in a sort of Darwinian survival of the fittest. A 60-game season will not produce a true champion and sully the sport. … I pray that we do not let the Black Lives Matter movement die or fade away like previous efforts. We need systematic changes to the way we treat blacks, browns, Native Americans and immigrants and not just lip service. We need to redo our laws so they are inclusive, educate our young from birth that discrimination based on color is wrong, redo our history books taught in schools so they reflect the real story of the black and brown experience. Basically, it takes an overhaul of theory of white superiority, white privilege and white nationalism. It’s not going to be easy. Four hundred and one years of discrimination and cruelty is not going to be undone with a magic wand. But we must start now and keep that engine roaring until there is equal justice for all and not justice for one section of our country and justice, or injustice, for the rest. The major hindrance we have to that is the racist in the White House who has cozied up to the wealthy by bribing them with our taxpayer money through tax relief and through stimulus payments meant for small businesses. Some $600 billion of our taxpayer money has magically disappeared and the Trump administration will not tell where it went, but I can guess and it didn’t go into my pocket or yours. The rules that enabled white men to get wealthy at the expense of the little man and the minorities in our world have to be altered to make it easier for all colors to have a more comfortable life. It’s part of the reshaping of our world that must be done. We no longer can afford to have the corruption of Trump continue to wreck havoc on us. Baseball should be shut down for a season and so should Trump. Take care.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.