Rodgers goes down for season, Huskies go up




TOP OF THE TOWN‑  You know I don’t like Aaron Rodgers, mainly for his politics (he’s a Trumper). I agree he’s a future Hall of Fame guy and I wish no ill will to him.  Football is a very violent sport and getting more and more violent as players get bigger, stronger, quicker and fast. I wouldn’t play pro football if I was good enough for 100 million dollars. No way. I would be asking to get hurt. What happened to Rodgers Sunday, though, doesn’t seem right. He wasn’t violently hit and tossed on his head. It was simple tackle for a sack, and yet Rodgers tore his Achilles tendon and is done for the season after just four plays into the NFL season. There were great expectations for Rodgers and the New York Jets and the build-up to his playing for the Jets in the Big Apple was huge. Just like that, it is all gone. Rodgers will be 40 on Dec. 2 and the injury may have closed the book on him. It’s sad if that is the way his career ends. Even though I don’t like him, I’m not cheering. He should have a chance to end his playing days on his terms. That’s only fair…. I have been watching football for thousands of years it seems and I have never seen a team get dominated as I did the Seahawks on Sunday against the Rams. The Rams have been rebuilt and were supposed to be easy prey for the Hawks. It was just the reverse. Rams coach Sean McVay always outcoaches Pete Carroll, but this one was ridiculous. Twelve total yards in the second half? Chico would have run for more than that against the Hawks. I had a bad feeling going into the game. Has Carroll lost it?  I know the offensive line was missing it’s two starting tackles the second half due to injuries, but would they have helped? . Their wide  receivers were having a hard time getting open (again McVay’s coaching). It’s common knowledge that the best way to defeat an opponent is to apply tremendous pressure on the quarterback, and boy did Geno Smith get wacked around by the Rams front four. He shouldn’t feel bad, he Bengals Joe Burrow got the same treatment from the Jets. I’m notorious for telling it like I see it. The Hawks are in big trouble. They play an ascending Detroit team next and I see 9-2 for them after two weeks. The big question now is Geno Smith reverting to his old self? If so, trouble will be brewing for a long time. On a positive note, the Washington Huskies appear to be the real deal. They have yet to show an affective running game, but maybe with Penix and an offense that is very explosive through the air maybe they don’t need one. As long as the offensive line holds out and doesn’t crack, the Husky air attack will be destructive. After their 43-10 win over Tulsa I would have expected the Huskies to move up in polls from No. 8. They didn’t. They stayed there. That is East Coast bias taking hold. I would have put them in the top five,  I use to vote in the polls and they deserve to be there. Watch out for the Cougars. They look like a team on the rise. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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