TOP OF THE TOWN – C’mon, give the Seattle Mariners a break. No not that kind. No, don’t. Too late. The organization’s top prospect, Julio Rodriguez, suffered a break Wednesday during Summer Camp at T-Mobile Park when he dove for a fly ball and hurt his wrist. Manager Scott Servais confirmed to the Seattle Times that Rodriguez has a hairline fracture of his left wrist. Further tests were scheduled, but no matter what they reveal the talented outfielder is likely out for a month or more and because of COVID-19 leading to a 60-game MLB season and cancelling all the minor leagues from playing this is a blow that could restrict development of Rodriguez, unless he is permitted to play in the Winter Leagues, which seems doubtful because of Mariners’ policy that frowns on their players doing that. Rodriquez seemed to be just getting into the swing of things when he got hurt. He had blasted a double to deep centerfield in the daily intrasquad game. … What the bleep is going on with the NFL Washington team? It started out that the organization finally bowed to public pressure after many years of resistance to changing its name and then the bleep hit the fan and staff, including its radio announcer, has left under a review of its culture, policies and allegations of workplace misconduct, according to ESPN. On top of that, minority shareholders are apparently jumping ship and seeking to sell. Maybe they should change the name to the Washington {Bleep) Ups. … Remember when Bremerton’s George Bayer would hit drives on the golf course that wowed spectators and fellow golfers alike. The 6-5, 230-pound Bayer once drove a ball 436 yards. Think about that for awhile. That is over four football fields long. I can’t imagine that. Well, now I can imagine that. Last week at the Memorial Tournament at Muirfield Village, Bryson DeChambeau became the latest George Bayer. He hit a golf ball 423 yards. Considering the difference in golf equipment and the ball now as opposed when big George was booming drives, Bayer still takes the cake. But for somebody like me who if I hit a drive 50 yards it was a time to celebrate, what DeChambeau is doing is out of this world. Can you imagine hitting that distance on a 400-yard hole and scoring a hole-in-one?  It would take me half-of-a-day to go 400 yards … on a golf cart. … As of July 10, 72 NFL player have known to be tested positive for COVID­‑19, according to an ESPN story. And training camps have yet to open. What will the number rise to once that happens? Tell me again how you play football and nobody gets the virus. How will the world react when the first football player dies from the virus? I don’t’ know about you, but I can’t be paid enough to play football right now. It is stupid, and extremely dangerous. … The White House is now saying that you can’t let science get in the way of opening schools. Say what? It’s like saying walk in the middle of the tracks when a train is coming because you got to ignore the train. All I want to say to the White House, whoever that is, yeah you go to school on a packed school bus, walk the halls of a packed school, sit in class with 27 other students for an hour for each hour of school, eat lunch in the commons area with hundreds of other students, go to PE class and sweat along with your fellow class members, then ride the packed school bus back home where you will hug your dad, mom and grandparents and go to your room and die. Welcome to our brave new world. That’s enough for today.

Be well pal.

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