TOP OF THE TOWN – This is chilling. Trump has authorized federal troops dressed in green military fatigues with no agency affiliation on clear display (think “Little Green Men” that were Russian Special Operations Forces that grabbed Crimea in 2014) in unmarked vans grabbing people off the streets of Portland. This illegal process started on Tuesday in Portland because of an executive order by Trump. Remember when Hitler’s Brown Shits terrorized Jews in the lead-up to World War II and started the Holocaust? This is nothing more than this, and you should expect more cities, especially Seattle, to wake up some morning soon to find these green fatigued men terrorizing its citizens. I keep wondering why Trump continues to run an anti-election campaign (his poll numbers are plunging) and I shudder to think it’s because he’s going to take over major cities with his secret police, or his Green Shirts, so it is not necessary to have elections. I pray every day for God to intervene and send this evil man packing. … The more immediate problem that public seems to be interested in is how to reopen our public schools. I don’t see any way in heaven that it can be done safely. All it takes for people to panic is one student, one teacher, or a staff member, to come down with the virus and that leads to others being impacted. Until we have an effective vaccine we are not ever going to be safe, especially because we have such a disjointed response to it. If we had a President that led from day one and replied on scientists and health experts from day one, we wouldn’t be in this mess where you see governors in red states following Trump, causing the spike in virus cases and deaths in their states. We needed a strong leader and didn’t get it, so here we are fighting against ourselves as deaths mount. We needed unity in purpose and what we have is a Divided States that is staggering around like a drunk slobbering all over himself. What we needed from the start was a unified approach with strict enforceable guidelines based on science. What we got is a President hawking beans from the Oval Office, which is illegal by the way. So I don’t see any way we can safely open schools. We have to rid ourselves of the virus before we can do anything. People are too scared to get out in public without a mask and social distancing. I should say most people are scared. There are the Trumpsters who refuse to help themselves and others that go unmasked and don’t accept social distancing. And has long as they do that we are not safe as a whole. My only solution is to do schooling on-line. It is not the best solution because we are humans and humans need socialization. But right now, it’s the cost of losing socialization versus the cost of lives. I know where I stand on that….  Why would anybody vote for a guy that is so non-transparent?  Trump hides the truth (his taxes, for example) and stops others from revealing the truth while he lies and lies and lies. What is the purpose of this? To create a reality to the public that is only what he says it is. It’s 1984.   Now he’s blocking the director of CDC from a hearing before Congress, as this story from CNN reveals: CNN) The White House is blocking US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr. Robert Redfield and other officials from the agency from testifying before a House Education and Labor Committee hearing on reopening schools next week, just as the debate over sending children back to classrooms has flared up across the US.White House officials informed the committee of its decision in an email, a staff member on the House panel told CNN.”Dr. Redfield has testified on the Hill at least four times over the last three months. We need our doctors focused on the pandemic response,” a White House official said, confirming the decision to block the CDC’s participation in the hearing.But a spokesman for the House Education and Labor Committee said the panel had requested testimony from any CDC official, not necessarily Redfield.”We asked for anyone at CDC who could testify at the hearing. The invite was not for Dr. Redfield or no one,” the official said.House Education and Labor Chairman Bobby Scott said the testimony from CDC officials is critical to understanding how scientists would manage the reopening of US schools.”It is alarming that the Trump administration is preventing the CDC from appearing before the Committee at a time when its expertise and guidance is so critical to the health and safety of students, parents, and educators,” the Virginia Democrat said in a statement.CDC officials have delayed the release of new recommendations for sending children back to classrooms.Earlier this week, Redfield stressed the wearing of masks as a key component to any strategy for reopening schools.”Because to me, face coverings are the key. If you really look at it, the data is really clear — they work,” Redfield said.Manu Raju contributed to this story. …  So it goes in our struggle to toss the fat one, Donald Trump, from office. He must go. Soon. God help us.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

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