TOP OF THE TOWN – The unabashed lies Trump spews out like water over Niagara Falls is unraveling. Yet, he clings to power, power he so desperately wants to hold on to. I believe Michael Cohen is telling the truth when he says to Rachel Maddow that Trump never expected to win. He instead thought the campaign would be good for his brand, expanding it globally and making millions in the process. But once he won and experienced the power that came with the office, Trump said, according to Cohen, hey this is great. I can become just like Putin and the other dictators and have all the power and all the money. He became so intoxicated with power that he’s done everything in his power to eliminate people and positions in the government that would hinder his power grab. He’s stuffed loyalist wherever you look, politicized branches of government that are meant to be independent (Bullshit Barr and the Justice Department is just one) and is just a few steps from seizing complete control and becoming Putin 02. Winning the November election would cement his power, which is why he is demoralizing the postal service, beating the drums against mail-in voting and with the help of Republican governors and, most important, Russia is suppressing the vote and tinkering with voting machines in key states — Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan. This election is the most important one in our 244-year history because the result will save our democracy or destroy it. It also is guaranteed to be the most fraudulent one. Trump and the Russians are going to make sure of that. The big question is whether the recent unraveling of Trump and his lying machine will make the difference and voters will rebel and stuff it to him. Three things we have learned in the last few days are that Trump has no love for those who are in the military. They are losers if they are in a branch of the US. Military and if they get wounded or killed they are suckers. He has complete contempt for active service members and veterans. He has tried to walk back his “losers and suckers” comments but that’s like getting shot in the head and then the shooter says, “Excuse me. I didn’t mean to do that.” Too late. You are what you are Trump and nothing can change that. He has also hidden from Americans that the virus was deadly, and he knew that on Jan. 28, but elected to downplay it. He in fact railed against it, that it would magically go away. No problem. We are on top of it. No, you weren’t. In fact, you did everything in your power to do nothing, hordering ventilators and necessary medical supplies while thousands died.  You choose to not lead but to ignore the virus and let people die. No big deal, the people who die are old and sick anyway, you said. How callous of you. Another thing we have learned just today is that you are pro-choice while pretending to be against abortion to con the evangelicals to vote for you. Behind the camera, away from the public, you call the evangelicals, “dumb sons of bitches” I agree with that. They are a bunch of non-Christian Christians that even Jesus would be ashamed of.  They support a man who is about as Christian as that duck that just flew over your head. In fact, the duck may be more Christian. Do you realize, you dumb bleepers that Donald Trump was a Democratic and supported, among others, the Clintons. He gave money to their campaigns. Do you know he ran on the Republican ticket because he said “Republicans are dumb.” He’s right about that. While Trump has run amuck over our Constitution the Republicans have sat silently watching. You know what that tells you, don’t you? Those Republicans aren’t working for you, they are working to save their chair in Congress. They are afraid to cross Trump, the crime boss and bully, who will campaign against them or find somebody who will if they dare say anything negative about him. Hey, you freakin’ Republicans, Trump is a coward. You beat a bully coward by punching him in the nose not kissing his butt. I get tired fighting your fight. With your silence you are telling us Americans you don’t care about America. That makes you anti-American, which makes you traitors. So kiss off. I’m done with you. That’s it for today.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.