TOP OF THE TOWN – You know it’s possible if guidelines are followed that we could conquer this virus. But you know as well as I do that it will never happen here in the United States because we have been divided politically into different camps, one that follows the guidelines and one that doesn’t and follows the terrible example of Trump instead. We have found that if you put athletes in a bubble (NBA, NHL) the virus can’t get in. Now some power 5 conferences are playing football with fans limited at the games. We haven’t seen the results of that yet, and may not for another week or so. I am surprised, though, that they have pulled it off. Now the Big-Ten is considering a revote on whether to resume playing football this fall. If the Big Ten votes to play, and the vote may be today, then the rest of the world will likely fall in line, which means Washington and Washington State may yet play this fall. Obviously it’s more risky for college football teams to do this than the pros, which don’t have to interact with thousands of fellow students during the day, assuming schools have in-building school. So we will see. I know that the United States leads the world in confirmed cases of the virus (almost 6.5 million) and deaths (closing in on 200,000). Mary and I went to the Woodlawn Park Zoo (Seattle) on her birthday and then went out to a late lunch at a restaurant in South Center. They limited the number of people who could be at the zoo at any one time and you had to wear masks and try to practice safe-distancing. We did all that, including at the restaurant, and I hope we came through okay. At least, we don’t show any symptoms right now. That was our second real venture out of quarantine. We had earlier spent a week at our oldest daughter and son-in-law’s place on a lake. That was very relaxing, and much needed. … I was impressed with the Seahawks on Sunday against Atlanta. Quarterback Russell Wilson was finally uncorked from the start instead of waiting until the dying minutes of the fourth quarter where he has a habit of pulling a rabbit out of a hat. Man, Wilson is amazingly accurate. I don’t think I have seen anything like it. Maybe a Tom Brady at his peak. Or a Joe Montana, or a young Drew Brees. The Hawks gave up a lot of passing yard. But when I think about it, the Falcons have a trio of dynamic receivers in Julio Jones, Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage Jr. They were exceptionally good Sunday. As was Matt Ryan. Some gave the Hawks some leeway, saying that Ryan was forced to throw a lot in the second half to keep from being blown out. That’s hogwash. If you know a quy is going to throw you would think the defense would be more than ready to defend. The rebuilt Hawk secondary is supposed to resemble closely that of the old Legion of Boom that had Earl Thomas roaming free at safety and Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner and dangerous Kam Chancellor crushing anything and anybody in the middle. If that would have been the case Sunday then cornerbacks Shaquill Griffin and Quinton Dunbar would have been outstanding. They were not. Griffin had a tough game, which is being polite, and Dunbar didn’t exceed expectations.  Quandre Diggs had a big impact last season when he was brought in, but I rarely saw him on Sunday. What I saw was the same you saw – Jamal Adams. He was incredible, and all over the field making plays. He’s a keeper. The Hawks paid dearly to get him from the Jets – two first round draft picks and a starter, Bradley McDougald. But it seems right now that the Hawks are robber barons. One of the problems is that the Hawks defensive line is not playing up to snuff. When you know Ryan has to pass and you still don’t get him put some heat on him, then something is wrong. And when the DL is weak that puts a lot of pressure on the secondary. If everybody is doing their part and the DL is working well and secondary is working well, that makes it tough of passing QBs such as Ryan. That wasn’t happening on Sunday. This Sunday (5:20 p.m.) when the Hawks entertain New England and Bill Belichick and quarterback Cam Newton it will be a different type of game. The Patriots will have a better defense than Atlanta and Newton will run and pass, so that secondary that was blown up against the Falcons will have to get a lot tougher. The Hawks just can’t depend on one guy – Adams – the rest of them will have to step up their game. That’s it for today.

Be well pal.

Be careful out there.

Have a great day.

You are loved.