TOP OF THE TOWN ‑The saga of Russell Wilson is swirling around, not just this region, but across the country. What is wrong with him? That is at the heart what is being debated. Some people are complaining that it’s not right just to blame him for the Seahawks four losses in their last seven games. The general feeling is that there are plenty of faults for the team’s struggles, including defense and an offensive line that hasn’t held its own recently. One radio sports jock refused to back off his criticism of Wilson. He basically said that a guy that makes $35 million a year certainly should be targeted. His reasoning is that if you make that kind of money then you better be able to withstand the criticism when things go wrong. The sports jock bluntly said that Wilson’s off-the-field endeavors have squeezed his time to give to football, both mentally and physically. Wilson has a charity, he and his wife Ciara have become minority owners of the Seattle Sounders (as has Ken Griffey Jr.), he has invested in a project to bring major league baseball to Portland, he has been involved with Chris Hansen’s attempt to bring the NBA back to Seattle, has a production company and a clothing brand and it goes on and on. It appears Wilson is trying to single-handily change the world, or maybe be the world. It’s exhausting just to think about all the things he’s got his fingers into. Then he’s got to justify his $35 million football salary. So, yeah, he probably is spread too thin. Does that mean it has affected his play as quarterback and positive leader of the Seahawks? I know I couldn’t do it. But then I’m 125 years old. I’m not Ted Williams, that’s for sure. It was Williams who thought he could still hit .300 when he was years retired. And he probably could have, too. My analysis of the current Wilson is that he looks tired, disgruntled and ready to scream, “Can anybody here block, please? I know the offensive line has had its share of injuries, but at its core best I’m not sure if it is capable of holding out defenders long enough for Wilson to do that he does best, and that is to throw the long bomb to D.K. Metcalf or Tyler Lockett. He is one of the best at throwing the long bomb and that talent led the Seahawks to a 5-0 start this season. But since then teams have adjusted and have concentrated on taking away either Metcalf or Lockett. That combined with putting blitzing pressure on Wilson has slowed down considerably the Seahawks’ explosive offense. I don’t see that old Wilson confidence when things are going wrong. He has been battered (40 sacks so far) and maybe it’s taking its toll. Some people have suggested he’s injured. I don’t think so; I think his positive attitude is taking a huge hit. He’s one of the best at maintaining a positive vibe and transferring it to his teammates, but it looks like that is getting thin now. It’s hard to maintain a smile when you are constantly getting slapped across your face. So I guess the blame, if there is blame, probably isn’t entirely Wilson’s fault. He is facing tough situations and maybe it’s all piling up on him. The answer it seems to me is to use more receivers – trips would work – and quickly and shorter passes. Let Metcalf run some of those slants and if he gets loose on those it’s possible you are talking about big gains. I also don’t think Wilson is as quick to avoid the rush as he once was. He’s not fat and happy, but he is trending that way. Of course, if I was making $35 million and had various companies on the side that were doing well I might have an extra steak or two, gain a few pounds and also slow down some. The winless New York Jets are the next opponent and that should soothe out the vitriol being slung Wilson’s way. Of course, if the Jets produce a miracle win then look out because the sharp knives will come out in force. .. I see the Washington Huskies are being hit with the virus and their game at Oregon this weekend might not happen. It’s possible the 3-1 Huskies could back in to the Pac-12 championship game if things fall a certain way. Right now if the virus shuts down the Huskies and a few other teams its likely Colorado and USC would fall into the championship game. So this strange year could get even stranger. I have to say one other thing and then I’m outta here. I’m beginning not to like first-year Husky coach Jimmy Lake. is reHHis refusal to reveal anything about his players when they don’t show up in the lineup as expected has gotten to me. He has taken this to the outer limits of secrecy. We still don’t know what has happened to Richard Newton, the bruising running back who has not played in the last two games even though he’s been seen on the sideline in uniform. It’s unfair to the media and to the public. They have a right to know something about missing players. Heck, some of the missing players may have transferred out of the program and we wouldn’t know it. That’s just not right. Okay, that is it for today.

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