DeBoer doesn’t seem to get outcoached as the Huskies soar



TOP OF THE TOWN ‑ You know, it suddenly dawned on me that Husky football coach Kalen DeBoer doesn’t get outcoached. That’s improbable of course, But it sure seems to me he doesn’t. You look at their games and the Huskies are going up and down the field with apparent ease and DeBoer stands on the sidelines as if he’s a spectator watching a movie. The Huskies seem to have all the game-day answers and the Husky train just rolls on. I covered for the local paper all the Don James years with the Huskies and there were plenty of times James, one of the best coaches around, was having a fit because things weren’t going right. But not DeBoer. He appears cool as a cucumber.  I don’t know what magic he is using, but whatever it is it’s working… We are living through some terrible times. I blame Humpty Dumpty Trump for the rise of violence in America. He has given a voice to hate and it’s flowed down to our society everywhere. You have a problem? No problem, just use threats of violence, and in some cases use violence, including mass shootings. Colorado State defensive back Henry Blackburn has been receiving death threats after his late hit that hospitalized Colorado player Travis Hunter, a two-way star.Yeah, it wasn’t a good thing Blackburn did. But, c’mon, death threats? I applaud Colorado coach Deion Sanders, who on Tuesday (Sept. 19) said of Blackburn, “He does not deserve death threats over a game,” said Sanders, who later added that Colorado has forgiven Blackburn. “I forgive him,” Sanders said. “Our team forgives him. Travis has forgiven him. Let’s move on.”  Colorado and Sanders are the top story in college football. Sanders has done some unusual things, including cleaning out the Colorado football roster when he was hired this season and then bringing in his own guys, including two of his sons, quarterback Shedeur Sanders and defensive back Shilo Saunders. Shedeur has been great through the first three games and has put himself in the Heisman conversation. The first true test for Colorado, 3-0 on the season, comes Saturday in Eugene when it plays the Oregon Ducks. That game will be highlighted all over the country as Deion (Prime) has become the talk of college football. And Prime likes to talk. I’m betting the Ducks will get the better of Prime and his players. Travis Hunter will not play against the Ducks. … When the Seahawks were mauled by the Rams and had just 12 second-half yards, I instantly thought this was going to be a long season. It didn’t look good for the Hawks. But, man, the Hawks sure looked different last Sunday in Detroit by beating the Lions in overtime. NFL football is a strange sport. You can’t tell from week-to-week who will win. We used to have a Grid Guesser that we ran every week during football season at the Kitsap Sun. I put each week’s games together (high school, college and NFL) and I was good in picking winners and most years finished second or first in the Grid Guesser. But I’ll be darn, I could not get the NFL games right. I usually had 10 of its games in the Grid Guesser and if I got seven right I would celebrate. I usually was 5-5, 6-4, or 4-6. I was shocked, though, that the Seahawks would go into Detroit and beat a team that the week prior had gone into Kansas City and beat the defending NFL champion Chiefs. That’s NFL football. After two weeks of the season there seems to be three teams favored to make the Super bowl – Chiefs, 49ers and Cowboys. But don’t take my word for it. I haven’t figured the league out in 50 years. That’s it for today. Stay safe.

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